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12 companies were closed during mucilage inspections in Tekirdağ

Tekirdağ Governor Aziz Yıldırım said that 47 companies that did not comply with the rules during the inspections carried out within the scope of the fight against mucilage were fined 5 million 837 thousand liras and 12 companies were closed. Governor Yıldırım announced that it is now possible to swim in the sea in the province.

Tekirdağ Governor Aziz Yıldırım briefed the journalists about the studies and inspections on mucilage.

Governor Yıldırım said, “Perhaps we are the luckiest among the provinces around Marmara. We have a border with Marmara up to 135 kilometers. However, we are the most comfortable city in terms of mucilage. The reason, of course, is the explanations of scientists. The current coming from the Bosphorus continues in our country. It does not allow too much mucilage to settle. It comes to us when it’s on the south coast. At the moment, we can consider our city lucky. We collected 154 cubic meters of mucilage. We strictly implement all the items within the framework of the action plan. We collected and continue to collect the mucilage we could collect in the Sea of ​​Marmara. Since the beginning of the year, we have made close to 800 inspections. During these inspections, we took nearly 3,800 samples. We fined 47 companies that had the wrong sample. We closed 12 of 47 companies. This closure will continue until they complete the deficiencies given to them. The fine imposed on these 47 companies is approximately 6 million, 5 million 837 thousand liras. We expect that we will be informed about the pollution caused by the municipalities and the ships.”


On the subject of entering the sea, Governor Yıldırım said, “In line with the information given by the scientists, I will convey it to you. They say that the mucilage has no harm to the human body, but the person who sees the mucilage does not swim in that area. But I just told you, our seas are clean. If they see the mucilage due to the instantaneous current and wind, they should not go into the sea. Apart from that, scientists said that mucilage has no harm to the human body. But since there is not much, I think that our people can swim in the sea where there is no mucilage. This should be left to their discretion. If you call this place clean, it is. When you collect them, it is even possible to use them as fertilizer in the fields after a little processing. Because it contains serious nitrogen and phosphorus,” he said.


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