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20 thousand sea bass hatched in Datça

After the General Assembly of the Fisheries Cooperative in Datça, Muğla, 20 thousand sea bass were brought to the sea.

Akif Fidan, the current president of the Datça Fisheries Cooperative General Assembly, reassured him. With the ceremony held after the general assembly, 20 thousand perch puppies were released into the sea.

Muğla Agriculture and Forestry Provincial Director Barış Saylak started his speech by wishing Akif Fidan, who was re-elected president at the General Assembly, success in the new term, and said, “We have sworn to be next to all producer union cooperatives 24/7. We will continue to do what is necessary. All kinds of natural resources, seas, waters, lands have succumbed to the greed of human beings. Nature never leaves it empty, it will definitely take its revenge. At the point reached today, from the Covid-19 pandemic to the negativities caused by global climate changes, the meteorological drought has turned into an agricultural drought. This is just an agricultural drought. This is happening all over the world, not within the borders of the Republic of Turkey.Today, if there are bluefish or lionfish in this sea for 8-10 years, invasive fish species coming from the Indian Ocean and the Red Sea via the Suez Canal due to the high temperature brought by global warming are global. Today, while announcing our support to Datça Fisheries Cooperative, we We say that knowing how difficult it is to fish. Unfortunately, these speckled puffer fish are devastating your beautiful, clean fish you catch. They literally cut off the abundance of the sea,” he said.


Datça Fisheries Cooperative President Akif Fidan stated that a new communiqué has been published by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry to support puffer fishing and it is planned to pay 15 million TL support to coastal fishermen. Necessary meetings were held with the Fisheries and Fisheries General Directorate and the fisheries and biology departments of other universities, with the instruction of Bekir Pakdemirli. Last year, for the first time, 6 thousand 57 fishermen delivered 6 thousand 59 puffer tails to our provincial and district directorates. They received 31 thousand TL. Our Ministry found this amount to be insufficient and a new support communiqué was published on June 27. According to this communiqué, it announced the notification of support for puffer fish from May 2021 until the last day of 2023. Up to 500 thousand pieces per year. Make a support payment of 5 TL per person and 50 cents in other types. will be. It is planned to pay a support payment of 15 million TL to coastal fishermen in 3 years. Our state will make such a good contribution both in reducing the species that take away your prey and in maintaining the aquatic biodiversity in the sea,” he said.

After Fidan’s speech, 9-year-old İpek Öztürk, who came to Datça from Istanbul for a holiday and showed interest in the program, and other protocol members, brought together 20 thousand sea bass. Datça Police Chief İsmail Toygun, Gendarmerie Commander Captain Necmettin Erdoğan and Muğla Agriculture and Forestry Provincial Director Barış Saylak, as well as the directors and managers of the relevant institutions attended the event.


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