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2,700-year-old Turna Lake has been registered

Urartian King II. The ancient Turna (Keşiş) Lake, which was built by Rusa and is one of the oldest ponds in the world, was opened to ecotourism with the completion of the “Definitively Protected Sensitive Area” registration.

The ongoing “Sensitive Area to be Protected” registration process of Turna Lake, which is 30 kilometers away from the city center of Van and located on the border of Gürpınar district, has been completed.

Urartian King II. Turna Lake, an artificial lake created by Rusa by blocking a small river valley, is an irrigation dam that has been used for 2,700 years.

Turna Lake, which takes on a unique beauty with the melting of snow in spring, becomes a shelter, feeding and breeding area for migratory birds due to the reeds surrounding it.

While the bridal flowers surrounding the lake offer a postcard image, they have recently become one of the frequented places of visitors after the registration process was completed.


Van Yüzüncü Yıl University (YYÜ) Faculty of Science Lecturer Prof. Dr. Fevzi Özgökçe wanted the region with ancient characteristics to be introduced to the world.

prof. Dr. Özgökçe stated that as Van YYU, activities continue to determine new tourism and new route areas in order to revive ecotourism in the region.

prof. Dr. Özgökçe said, “Turna Lake, an ancient lake called ‘Keşiş Lake’ by the local people, has been used as a dam for 2,700 years during the Urartu period. As of last month, it was evaluated within the framework of the ‘Sensitive Area to be Strictly Protected’ by the decision of our President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. We want the whole world to recognize this area, which is 30 kilometers away from the city center, with its natural beauties, bird sanctuary and ancient feature.”


Expressing that they have had very important activities to promote the region, Özgökçe said, “Our university has reached the stage of using biodiversity together with conservation activities at the point of detection. Turkey is a country with continental richness. We will be the rich guardians of the biodiversity that exists in every corner of our paradise homeland. Until now, biodiversity has not been exploited. Ecotourists discovered our region. In this way, we see Turna Lake as a suitable place for them to come and visit. It is an area where visitors can take beautiful photos of bridal flowers and have a great time with their families and loved ones.”


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