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410 million dollars worth of fish exports from Muğla

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In Muğla, which ranks first in fish exports in Turkey, production increased during the pandemic period and exported 410 million dollars to 67 countries of the world in 2020.

In the Covid-19 epidemic, which affected the world and caused a major economic crisis, including developed countries, 410 million dollars of fish exports were made from Muğla to 67 countries of the world.

In Muğla, which ranks first in fish production with a coastline of 1,479 kilometers, production continues without interruption during the epidemic period. In Muğla, where agricultural activities have continued without interruption since the outbreak of the epidemic in March 2020, a record level of production was realized in plant and animal production.

Muğla Agriculture and Forestry Provincial Director Barış Saylak announced that Turkey’s plant production reached 126 million tons in 2020, breaking the record of the history of the Republic.

Saylak stated that, despite the pandemic, 128 thousand tons of fish were produced in 2020, while Muğla’s exports, which were only 374 million dollars in 2019 in the fishing sector, amounted to 410 million dollars.

Saylak said that Muğla’s 1,479 kilometer coastline is an important source of livelihood in fisheries, adding that Muğla is the first in Turkey with an annual production of 128 thousand tons in marine aquaculture and meets 65 percent of the country’s production, in addition to 21 thousand tons. announced that it ranks first in the country’s production with trout production.


Explaining that Muğla has an important place in the export of fisheries, Saylak, Provincial Director of Agriculture and Forestry, said that the export amount of fisheries in 2020 increased by 10 percent compared to the previous year and was recorded as 410 million dollars. Saylak, who thanked the producers who produced and raised them during the pandemic period, said, “When the Covid-19 pandemic started all over the world, the market shelves were empty. Those huge countries could not grow food for their citizens. From the day the pandemic started, under the leadership of our President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, “There will not be an inch of land to be planted” and our Honorable Minister Dr. With Bekir Pakdemirli’s instructions, we, as agricultural organizations, were on the field 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our aim is to be with our producers, our producers and breeders continued their production in difficult conditions without interruption, so that our citizens can meet their needs without any problems in terms of reliable food supply, and God willing, a thousand times over. Such a figure that in the history of the Republic, agricultural plant production in 2020 broke a record with 126 million tons of production. Again, in 2020, our aquaculture breeders from Muğla showed a great example of success in Muğla by increasing their export of 374 million dollars in 2019 to 410 million dollars in 2020 despite the pandemic. I would like to express my gratitude to all our farmers who continue their production with great devotion in the field, in the field, in the fish pond and in the barn. I kiss your hands, God bless you a thousand times,” he said.


Stating that Muğla has a very important place in agricultural production in Turkey, Saylak said, “Although Muğla is known as a tourism city, it is also an agricultural city. Muğla is the first in Turkey in the production of pine honey, cowpea and red kidney beans. Turkey is the leading country in the production of pine honey in the world. 92 percent of the pine honey produced in the world is provided in our country, and 75 percent of the pine honey produced in our country is obtained from Muğla.


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