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Antalya’s sea water turned out perfect

In Antalya, the capital of tourism, the Ministry of Health teams measured the quality of sea water. The water quality was excellent in samples taken from 342 points such as Konyaaltı, Kaputaş, Patara, Cleopatra and Lara beach. The teams took samples one by one from the beach. Seawater was analyzed in the laboratory.

In Antalya, the teams of the General Directorate of Public Health made sea water quality measurements.

Results; were classified as excellent, good, bad, and forbidden. Antalya’s sea water quality is also at an “excellent” level.


Antalya Provincial Health Director Dr. Ünal Hüldü said, “We have a total of 342 sampling points from Gazipaşa to Kaş. About 60 of our environmental health technicians take samples from these points.”

The results are shared with all relevant institutions. These inspections are carried out periodically.

Inspections are carried out twice a month on Antalya’s 640 km coastline. There are 213 blue flag beaches in Antalya.

24 teams carry out inspections on the coastal line of Antalya. It takes its water samples from the beaches where the citizens are most concentrated. Antalya stands out as the only province in the world with 213 blue flag beaches.


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