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Aquatic creatures will be closely monitored in the Mediterranean

Akdeniz University, Metropolitan Municipality and ASAT joined forces to prevent similar mucilage problem in the Marmara Sea to occur in the Mediterranean. With the signed protocol, aquatic organisms will be closely monitored.

A Cooperation Protocol was signed between Akdeniz University, Antalya Metropolitan Municipality, General Directorate of Antalya Water and Wastewater Administration (ASAT) and Faculty of Fisheries, on the Investigation of Problems that May Be Seen in Marine and Coastal Transitional Waters in Antalya Bay and in Inland Aquatic Creatures.

Akdeniz University Rector Prof. Dr. Özlenen Özkan, Secretary General of Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Cansel Tuncer, General Manager of ASAT İbrahim Kurt, Dean of Faculty of Fisheries Prof. Dr. The protocol ceremony attended by Jale Korun and the officials of the institution was held at the Akdeniz University Rectorate Board Hall.


The protocol aims to examine the causes of excessive increase in aquatic organisms in the sea, coastal transitional waters and inland waters and the causes of aquatic life deaths that may occur in the Gulf of Antalya, within the framework of scientific studies, in order to prevent the occurrence of Sea Saliva (Mucilage) events in the Marmara Sea and its surroundings. Thanks to the protocol between Antalya Metropolitan Municipality, ASAT General Directorate and Akdeniz University, determination, examination and scientific analysis of sea, coastal transitional waters and inland waters monitoring programs will be reported. In future studies, evaluation of historical data, situation analysis, problem detection, determination of monitoring points and parameters, creation of evaluation and solution proposal reports and sharing processes will be determined.


Speaking at the protocol signing ceremony, Akdeniz University Rector Prof. Dr. Özlenen Özkan said, “You know, water is on the agenda right now, we human beings have to protect the air, water and soil for the future, for the dangers to come. In this sense, as a city by the sea where water is most abundant in Antalya, and we are a city dependent on water, tourism or fishing is extra valuable in this sense. We talked about what we can do and wanted to take a step with our municipality, as ASAT and as a university. We created a protocol to draw a roadmap of what we can do before the problems grow. We want to do good things for Antalya.” he said.


Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Secretary General Cansel Tuncer said, “As Antalya Metropolitan Municipality, the environment is our most sensitive point. Because we all have only one Antalya, and protecting it is our biggest responsibility, as both citizens and institutions, we have undertaken this responsibility. We are also very happy that we signed a cooperation protocol with our university and received their support in this regard. With this cooperation, our Antalya will continue to remain as a clean Antalya and nature-friendly Antalya.” used the phrases. İbrahim Kurt, General Manager of ASAT, said, “Our two indispensable elements for human beings are water and our environment. Without these, there would be no life, no us, no Antalya. It is our most important humanitarian duty on behalf of our country to protect the water and sea of ​​Antalya, which has a coast of 644 kilometers, and Antalya, which has rivers. In this context, we will carry out scientific studies together with our Akdeniz University and Antalya Metropolitan Municipality in a common sharing. Good luck for our Antalya.” said. Faculty of Fisheries Prof. Dr. Jale Korun, on the other hand, said that as the Faculty of Fisheries, they will do everything they can.


Antalya Metropolitan Municipality will monitor and monitor the factors that increase the marine pollution load within the service area and ensure that the necessary measures are taken and taken, and will provide sampling and photographing from the sea and from the polluting sources in the sea when needed. Within the scope of the protocol, it will provide access to the monitoring points at sea.

It will accompany the field studies by determining the monitoring points together with the ASAT protocol members, taking and photographing the samples from the surface waters, inland waters and spring waters determined within the scope of the protocol at the specified periods, physical, chemical and microbiological analyzes of the samples taken from the sea and waters in the laboratory and delivering the reports to the parties, In case of need, within the scope of the protocol, it will allow the Faculty officials to benefit from the laboratory facilities and will cover the financial expenses of the analyzes to be done outside the Institution Laboratories.

The Faculty of Fisheries, on the other hand, will assign appropriate scientists or scientists to the subject, determine the monitoring points together with the protocol members and accompany the field studies, mucilage etc. seen in the Marmara Sea and its surroundings. In order to prevent the incident from occurring, it will examine the aquatic organisms in the sea, prepare a report on the determination of the species of aquatic creatures that have increased excessively in the sea, coastal transition waters and inland waters to be determined with the protocol members within the responsibility area of ​​Antalya Metropolitan Municipality, and their effects and the reasons for the increase. The Metropolitan Municipality will provide the necessary analysis, examination, reporting and coordination regarding the deaths of aquatic creatures in the sea, coastal waters and inland waters within its responsibility area. The protocol will be valid for three years from the date of signing.



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