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Blue flag beaches will serve during the holiday

Muratpaşa Municipality’s blue flag cliff beaches will continue to host their guests during the Eid al-Adha holiday. The beaches without an entrance fee offer a pleasant holiday in the deep blue waters of the Mediterranean.

In Antalya, the tourism capital, where hotels and hostels are full due to the holiday, the cliff beaches of Muratpaşa Municipality, Erenkuş, Erdal İnönü, İnciraltı, Mobil and Konserve Bay, offer a different option to holidaymakers.

There is no entrance fee to the beaches, which are located at the point where the natural wonders of Antalya meet the sea and are built on a wooden platform. Except for Mobil Falez Beach, the municipality has affordable food, beverage and sunbed-umbrella services on four beaches.

Along with the beaches of Muratpaşa Municipality, which will be open during the Eid-al-Adha holiday, the Seaside cafes in Ziya Gökalp City Park and the Mountain Side cafes in Erdal İnönü City Park will also serve during the holiday.

Barrier-Free Cafe, located on the cliff band of Muratpaşa Municipality Adalya Foundation, will be closed on the first and second days of the holiday. Teneffüs Park, the open-air children’s playground located in Çaybaşı District, will open its doors from the third day of the holiday.


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