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‘Blue flag’ given to boat owners from Antalya

The “blue flag” application was also implemented on boats, which are preferred by millions of holidaymakers every year to visit the bays where blue and green merge and swim in the cool waters.

519 beaches, 22 marinas, 6 individual yachts and 10 tourism boats won the “Blue Flag” award given by the International Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE).

Turkish Environmental Education Foundation (TÜRÇEV) officials inspected the award-winning boats in Antalya’s Kemer and Kaş districts and delivered their certificates and blue flags. Boat owners, experiencing great happiness, started to take their visitors on a blue voyage with the flag they won.


TÜRÇEV Antalya Blue Flag Coordinator Mustafa Ergiydiren stated that the blue flag is a very respectable and environmentally friendly award.

Explaining that the boats that won the blue flag in Turkey were also announced, Ergiydiren said, “Blue flag awards were given to marinas and individual yachts in Turkey, but this year was given to tourism boats for the first time. This award will make a significant contribution to tourism. It is an award with international validity.”

Emphasizing that the tourism boats fulfill certain criteria in order to win the award, Ergiydiren noted that the guests should be informed about the sightseeing places, sensitive areas and creatures such as carettacaretta and Mediterranean monk seals, which are in danger of extinction.

Ergiydiren stated that it is a condition that the wastes on the boat should be collected by separating them as glass, plastic and solid waste and that these should be given to licensed companies.

Mentioning that there are motor yachts, charter and daily boats among the tourism boats that won the award, Ergiydiren said, “These boats are our eyes on the sea. It is important in terms of informing the relevant people about possible pollution in the seas. They also undertake an important task by taking instant video recordings and taking pictures.”


Eser Muslu, one of the boat owners who was awarded the blue flag, said that they provide a “blue tour” service to tourists with a daily excursion boat with a capacity of 54 passengers.

Emphasizing that they are sensitive to the environment, Muslu said, “We have won the blue flag award for taking all the precautions on our boat and giving importance to the environment. We are very happy. We care about the health and safety of our guests.”

İlyas Kahraman, on the other hand, noted that they separated the wastes on their boats and gave detailed information to the guests about the regions visited. Stating that their boats have a capacity of 12 passengers and that they organize weekly tours between Antalya and Marmaris district of Muğla, Kahraman said, “Especially Europeans prefer blue flag beaches and boats. The quality of the water is very important with the cleanliness of the environment. We separate the garbage on the boat and deliver it to licensed companies at the port.” he said.


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