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‘Blue Flag’ will be waved in ‘Calm City’ this year too

The ‘Blue Flag’, which is hung for a year on beaches, marinas and boats every year by the International Environmental Education Foundation, started to wave on the beaches. In Muğla, which has the highest number of Blue Flags in Turkey after Antalya, the Akyaka coast of Ula, titled ‘Calm City’, was also entitled to receive the blue flag this year.

Akyaka, the favorite center of daily vacationers, hung a blue flag on its coast for the 14th time this year. Pre-season reorganization work was carried out on the beach in Akyaka District of Ula, which has become a center of attraction for local and foreign tourists with its sea, air and nature.

Due to the flow of beach sand into the sea due to precipitation in the winter months on the Akyaka coast by the Ula Municipality, tree stakes were driven at the junction of the sea and the coast, and the palm trees on the beach, which were in danger of collapse due to the waves, were strengthened so that they would not be affected by the waves.

Stating that they were entitled to hang the Blue Flag on the Akyaka coast for the 14th time this year, Mayor of Ula Özay Türkler said, “We are justifiably proud of receiving the blue flag this year, which we have received continuously for 14 years. We are the 3rd country in the blue flag. There are 519 blue flags in total in our country. 106 of them are in Muğla. One of them is in our Ula. We are justifiably proud of this. People prefer these places with the belief that the seas are cleaner and safer when there is a blue flag perception. During the pandemic period, the blue flag perception has come to the fore. Since the day we took office, we have been working on obtaining and maintaining the blue flag on our beaches. As a result, we received our blue flag, which is the fruit of this. Thank you to those who contributed.”


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