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‘Blue Flag’ will wave again at Mollakasim Public Beach

Van’s Mayor of Tusba, Salih Akman, received the ‘Blue Flag’, which was awarded for the 4th time. The ‘International Environment Award Blue Flag’, awarded to qualified beaches in the 2021 season, will wave at Mollakasim Public Beach.

The ‘Blue Flag’, which is given to beaches that fulfill all 33 criteria such as life safety, facilities for the disabled, waste water treatment plant and water analysis, was given to the Mollakasim Beach of Tusba Municipality once again.

The flag, which was sent by the Turkish Environmental Education Foundation (TÜRÇEV) and will fly on Mollakasim Public Beach this year, was presented to Mayor Salih Akman by Necati Yertürk, Deputy Mayor of Tusba.

President Akman, who received the ‘Blue Flag’, noted that Mollakasim Public Beach was entitled to receive the ‘Blue Flag’ for the 4th time this year.

Emphasizing that Lake Van, which is unique with its azure water, deserves to receive this award, Mayor Akman said that the ‘Blue Flag’ is an exemplary project and that this project should be protected.

Emphasizing that the blue flag is also a symbol of a healthy, safe and clean environment, Mayor Akman said, “The beach is not only about cleanliness, it is also evaluated within the framework of 33 criteria. For this reason, it is very difficult to complete the 33 criteria and get the blue flag, but missing one criterion is enough to lose. Our blue flag will be proudly flying on our beach this year as well, and this is a good service provided by our Municipality of Tusba to our people.

Emphasizing that for the first time in Turkey, a blue flag was given to a lake shore even though it does not have a coast to the sea, Mayor Akman said, “The ‘Blue Flag’, which received the International Environment Award for fulfilling all the requirements as a result of the examination made by TÜRÇEV upon our application as Tuşba Municipality, was awarded for the 4th time this year. given to us. Our goal is to wave this flag on the shore of Lake Van every year,” he said.

City council members Mahmut Ekinci and Aziz Deniz also attended the blue flag presentation made by the Deputy Mayor of Tusba Necati Yertürk to the Mayor of Tusba Salih Akman.


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