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Britain to permanently deploy 2 warships to Asia Pacific

Britain announced that it will permanently deploy 2 warships in the Asia Pacific, where Japan and the USA are in a struggle for influence with China.

Britain has been trying to strengthen its ties with Japan against China, which has increased its activities in conflict areas, including Taiwan.

In September, the combat task group consisting of the Queen Elizabeth aircraft carrier and escort carriers will be deployed in Asia Pacific.

While the war task group was scheduled to make high-level port visits in the region, another remarkable step came from the UK.


“After the task group’s inauguration, the UK will deploy 2 permanent ships to the region by the end of the year,” Defense Minister Ben Wallace said after meeting with his Japanese counterpart, Nobuo Kishi, in Tokyo.

Japanese Defense Minister Nobuo Kishi also said the combat task group will make several visits to the Japanese archipelago, where US and Japanese military bases are located.

On the other hand, a comment on the relations between Japan and England came from the Pentagon. A Pentagon spokesperson congratulated the UK for its “devotion to a network of allies and partners who support freedom of navigation and a rules-based order in the Indo-Pacific region”.


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