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‘Cardak Beach’ holiday by the sea in Antalya attracts attention

In Antalya, the tourism city where the hotels reach 100% occupancy rate and the prices are burning, the local people enjoy a free holiday in the seaside gazebos and tents next to the 5-star hotels.

On the Kumköy coast of Aksu district, citizens from the neighborhoods of Serik district, as well as the surrounding villages, continue their holidays in the arbors and camps in the region where 5-star hotels are located. The free vacation starts in May and lasts until mid-October, right next to the luxury hotels by the sea, nested in the forest.

As a result of the increasing interest in natural life with the pandemic, there has been an increase in the number of gazebos established in the last two years. It was seen that there was silence in the gazebos and tents where there was activity until the day of Eid al-Adha. It was learned that most of the families temporarily returned to their homes in Serik and Aksu to sacrifice.

It was stated that some families would slaughter their victims in the evening and then return to the arbors. It was observed that very few people went into the sea on the beach in front of the gazebos due to the holiday.


Explaining that they came to the camps from Aksu district, Enis Öztürk said, “We are coming for the first time this year. We had stayed in the camps in Konyaaltı and Lara before, we have a habit there. This year, we settled in Kumköy camps. We are here on holiday. We will also slaughter our victim. If the people staying in the hotels around us have money, we also have obas. This is how we spend our holiday with all family members. Our relatives also come and everyone can benefit,” he said.

Enis Öztürk stated that the people around him asked for a place to stay in the camps and said, “But there is a shortage of places. Compared to last year, the number of gazebos increased this year. We are working to make this place more organized. What more could our electricity be than the sun?


Mahide Öztürk stated that they had a holiday in a very beautiful place and said, “There is a lot of demand, everyone wants to come. We are having a nice holiday with my children. Our neighborly relations are very good here. We have luxury hotels right next to us, and we take a vacation there,” he said.

Mahide Öztürk, who stated that the life in the gazebo is fun but women face difficulties from time to time, said, “But since you are a family, there is no difficulty. We spend the holidays here. We will slaughter our victim. Our guests will come. I wouldn’t change the gazebo life for an apartment. We are very happy here, I hope we will continue for many years.”


Oba resident Mustafa Deniz stated that he and his family come to the gazebos on weekends during the summer due to his calmness and said, “Neighborhood relations are also very good here. You live a completely different natural life than in the flat. If you go to the hotels around us, you pay a lot of money, you have a free and natural holiday here. Since there are places left from our ancestors, we can stay comfortably with us. We want to continue the arbor tradition they left behind.”


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