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Citizens prefer trout, sea bass and sea bream

Fish vendors from Samsun said that during Ramadan, citizens mostly prefer fish such as trout, salmon, sea bass and sea bream, which are easy to cook in the oven.

As of April 15, after the end of the fishing season in the seas, cultured fish adorn the fishermen’s stalls.

While citizens mostly prefer baked fish during Ramadan, fish prices in Samsun range from 30 to 50 TL per kilo.

Fish seller Onurcan Köse stated that fish prices are more affordable than chicken prices and said, “We are currently selling summer fish. On April 15, the fishing season in the seas is over. We currently have sea bass, sea bream, salmon, trout, bonito and a little bit of mezgid. The weight of salmon is 30 TL, the weight of trout is 25 TL, the weight of sea bass is 50 TL, the weight of sea bream is 45 TL, the weight of bream is 40 TL, and the weight of mezgidin is 35 TL. Citizens mostly prefer fish with high omega in Ramadan.

He buys fish that are easy to bake, such as trout, sea bass and sea bream. Prices did not change much in Ramadan. Played for 1-2 TL. With 1 kilo of salmon 30 TL, 2-3 people are full. With 1 bream, 1 person gets full. The chicken weighs more than 20 TL. “When you compare it with fish, I think the nutritional value of fish is higher than chicken meat.”


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