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ClassNK enhances support for shipping’s transition to zeroemission Tool for EEXI compliance released

Press Release – Leading Classification Society ClassNK has proclaimed its roles to support the transition of the shipping business to zeroemission.
While efforts to build a decarbonized society are being accelerated such as through strengthened GHG reduction targets in various countries and with the progress of sustainable finance, a framework for assessing GHG emissions has also been introduced to MARPOL. The shipping industry is now required to plan and manage GHG emissions in an organized manner.
ClassNK commits to supporting clients engaging in the shipping business in planning and managing GHG emissions in daily operations for the pursuit of zeroemission, and is working on the enhancement of its service portfolio to provide GHG emissions management system certification, GHG emissions management tools, verification and evaluation of GHG emissions, and support on measures for GHG emissions reduction. 
As the initial step, ClassNK has released “EEXI Simplified Planner”, an assessment tool for the Energy Efficiency Existing Ship Index (EEXI), which will apply from 2023. EEXI Simplified Planner provides the approximated calculation of a ship’s EEXI by inputting DWT and MCR, and identifies whether the value complies with the regulation. If it does not meet the requirement, the tool suggests the extent of engine power limitations (EPL) for compliance, and supports decision making on how to comply with EEXI regulations. EEXI Simplified Planner, covering bulk carriers, gas carriers, tankers, container ships and RORO cargo ships, is available on the EEXI page of ClassNK’s website.
Meanwhile, following the evaluation tool for the Carbon Intensity Indicator (CII) rating that has already been released, ClassNK is now upgrading functions of its monitoring & reporting solution “ClassNK MRV Portal” to support decision making for improving the CII rating.

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