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Cleaning work is carried out in Boğaçayı

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality carries out the cleaning work for the aquatic plants and accumulated garbage surrounding the surface of the Boğaçayı with the boat named ‘Caretta’ and the sea surface cleaning boat named ‘Octopus’. Caretta cuts the growing grass from the bottom, Octopus collects it and brings it to the shore.

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality has started work to clean up aquatic plants and surface garbage, which increase with the summer season and cause environmental pollution, odor and flies in Boğaçayı.

The Marine and Coastal Management Branch Directorate, affiliated to the Metropolitan Municipality Environmental Protection and Control Department, launched the sea surface cleaning boat named Octopus for cleaning in Boğaçayı, followed by the weed cutting boat called Caretta.


Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Chief Advisor, Cem Oğuz, stated that the Boğaçayı basin is a basin that dries up due to the lack of incoming water in the 4-month period between June and September, and reminded that in the 2017 project, this area was excavated for 2.5 meters and a pond was created.

Stating that pollution started with the death of algae in stagnant water with high temperature, Oğuz said, “Aquatic plants started to emerge. These aquatic plants will come out in summer every year. This is not something that can be cleared in one day. We will encounter these images every year. The mistake of the project is to create a pond here,” he said.


Stating that the grass was cut from the bottom with the newly produced aquatic grass cutting boat called Caretta, Oğuz noted that the grass was then collected and disposed of with the sea broom, and they tried to root the plants in the first year. Expressing that this time the mud at the bottom reaches the sea, causing pollution and the sea has become inaccessible, Oğuz said, “This is why we are trying to collect it by cutting from the bottom. Vectorial struggle is also required here. Swamp flies and scavengers are formed. A sprinkler system has been planned to ensure the oxygen balance of the water. “We will try to solve this problem, which we will encounter every year, with these methods,” he said.


Explaining that a fixed crane system has been installed in Boğaçay to transfer the collected wastes more easily, Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Advisor Lokman Atasoy said that an average of 16 cubic meters of plants and algae are collected every day. Atasoy said, “As of this year, our project for using the collected plants and algae in landscaping areas by transforming them into compost, that is, natural fertilizer, has started.”


Stating that 2 thousand 350 cubic meters of plants and algae, 12 tons of waste and garbage were cleaned from Boğaçayı last year, Lokman Atasoy stated that cleaning will be done in an area of ​​129 thousand square meters. Emphasizing that the above-water plants grow rapidly in the summer months, Atasoy said, “We continue to work on the mobile ventilation system to increase oxygen and maintain the ecosystem. Thus, the living fish population will increase and the plants will grow more slowly.


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