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Coastal fishermen returning to the harbor with nets full of garbage

Coastal fishermen in Rize, who have recently sailed for fish, are returning to the port with garbage-filled nets. Coastal fishermen, who had to deal with the garbage brought by the streams in the past and now the garbage from the sea fill, are reacting to the situation.

Fishermen stated that the problem of garbage on the shore has increased even more with the excavation of the buildings demolished in Rize center within the scope of urban transformation and the spillage of the excavation into the sea, and they want Rize Municipality to find a solution to this problem.

İbrahim Fatih Oral, who is fishing in the Rize Central Fishermen’s Shelter, stated that sea pollution not only affects fisheries negatively, but also affects fish reproduction.

Oral “Our life is spent by this seaside. The scum from the sea is out there. Thanks to them, the soil and garbage mixed things that they poured on the seaside without fortification go back to the sea. Stop filling the nets with garbage, if we try to wash, mud flows. There was no living space left on the sea floor, the algae died. There will be neither fish eggs nor algae. The iron of all the destroyed buildings is taken and their concrete is poured here. It would be nice if they poured stones, but they pour all the mud in here. The inside of the port is awful. Sewage flows here. We ask them, they say they have smuggled. When the wind blows, the sewage waters enter the harbor. There is an abnormal stench here,” he said.

Oral stated that they took pictures of the filth in the port and on the shore and sent it everywhere, but they could not find a solution.


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