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Container ship crashed into bulk carrier!

In an accident in the Strait of Malacca early Sunday morning, the container ship Zephyr Lumos collided with the Maltese-flagged bulk carrier Galapagos off the port of Muar.

As a result of the collision, the hull of the bulk carrier named Galapagos was severely damaged.

According to local reports, the Malaysian Coast Guard received a distress call from the crew of the Zephyr Lumos at midnight on Sunday morning that there was a conflict. After the notifications, it was learned that the coast guard and the Malaysian Navy elements quickly arrived at the scene.

Authorities arriving at the scene determined that the container ship Zephyr Lumos crashed into the Galapagos bulk carrier, built in 2010, from the starboard side and opened a deep rift in its hull. Photographs taken by first responders show the Galapagos leaning slightly to starboard after the impact.

It is also stated that the container ship Zephyr Lumos was received from the shipyard in January 2021.

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