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Cruise ships banned from entering Venice

Italy has taken an important step to preserve the historic city center of Venice. Ships over 25 thousand tons are prohibited from entering the Giudecca Canal. The ban will take effect from 1 August.

Italy took action to protect its historical heritage. He took into account the warnings about the favorite tourist attraction Venice.

He forbade passenger ships from passing through the canal. The decision of the Roman administration covers ships over 25 thousand tons.

As of August 1, these ships will not be able to sail through the lagoon city. It was announced that the decision was taken to protect the city center of Venice.


Scientists have long drawn attention to the risk posed by cruise ships. It is stated that the historical buildings, cultural heritage and ecosystem of the city are under threat as well as those living in the city.

UNESCO had warned Italy before. He had threatened to blacklist large ships if they were not banned from passing through the World Heritage-listed area.

Venice attracts the attention of tourists as a city built on 118 islands and connected by canals in the Venetian lagoon that stretches along the coastline.

However, environmentalists are reacting to the destruction caused by large ships in the city.


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