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Demand for daily boat tours increased in Bodrum

Sailors were pleased with the increase in interest in daily boat tours due to the Feast of Sacrifice holiday in Bodrum town of Muğla.

Demand is increasing for daily boat tours, which offer the opportunity to visit the unique bays where blue and green meet, and swim in the touristic district of Bodrum during the day. Orak Island, Pabuç Cape, Kızılburun, Tavşan Burnu, Karaada, Aquarium Bay are mostly on the routes of the boats, where different coves can be visited with different programs.

At Bodrum Harbor, one of the daily tour departure points, it was possible to see the sea only from between the boats in the previous periods, but calm prevails as the tour boats complete their departure. It is noteworthy that the mooring places remain empty until the boats turn around in the port where the boats are lined up side by side.

Bodrum Seafarers’ Association President Erol Erdoğan said that they have started the season with fear for the last two years due to the new type of coronavirus (Kovid-19) epidemic, but in the following days, especially this year, their business has opened.

Stating that there are no cases of Kovid-19 on boats and that marine tourism is more preferred, Erdoğan said, “Our business is good. Last year, the season lasted until mid-November. Let this year continue until the end of November, I hope the troubles of our sailors will end this year.” he said.

Daily tour boat captain Mustafa Günaydın said, “We have unique bays. We go to three or four bays on each tour. We think the demand will increase even more.” said.


Asım Demir, one of the boat captains, who drew attention to the increase in the density due to the holiday, said that they took care to provide good service to the guests as much as they could.

Pointing out that the port remains empty during the day due to the increase in demand for daily cruise boats as well as for blue cruise boats, Demir said, “Our port is pretty empty right now. Normally, you can’t find a place to dock at the port. Thank God we have jobs. We prefer to go to quiet places where there is no access by land. Our guests are satisfied, so are we.” used the phrases.

The holidaymakers who participated in the daily tours said that they had a good day in the bays they went to.

Fatih Karaca, who came from Istanbul, said, “My day was very good. We stopped at very beautiful bays. This is the fourth time I’ve been to Bodrum. But we had never had such a nice tour.” used the phrases.


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