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Diver cops cleaned the bottom in Izmit Bay

Kocaeli Provincial Police Department, Marine Port Branch Directorate, Underwater Group Chief, diver police made a clean-up at the bottom of the sea by diving in the Gulf of Izmit. The cleaning images of the divers were viewed with an underwater camera.

Underwater Group Chief of the Sea Port Branch of Kocaeli Provincial Police Department, diver police cleaned the bottom of the sea.

In the studies carried out to increase the sensitivity, it put dozens of waste such as glass bottles, vehicle tires, paint brushes, etc.

“Our police officers, who are always on duty for the peace and security of our Kocaeli Province, work 24/7 for the cleanliness of our environment and the health of our citizens, in the air, on land as well as under water,” the social media account of Kocaeli Provincial Police Department said.



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