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Eastern Black Sea’s 5-month exports increased by 14 percent

Exports from 4 provinces in the Eastern Black Sea Region in January-May 2021 increased by 14 percent compared to the same period of the previous year.

Eastern Black Sea Exporters’ Association (DKİB) Chairman of the Board Saffet Kalyoncu, in his written statement, stated that 641 million 414 thousand 573 dollars were exported from Trabzon, Rize, Artvin and Gümüşhane in their areas of responsibility in the five months of this year.

Noting that 564 million 780 thousand 863 dollars were exported from the region in the same period of last year, Kalyoncu stated that exports increased by 14 percent accordingly.

Pointing out that Rize ranks first in exports from the region with an increase of 70 percent on the basis of provinces, Kalyoncu said that this city is followed by Gümüşhane with an increase of 38 percent and Trabzon with an increase of 7 percent.

Saffet Kalyoncu noted that Artvin’s exports decreased by 6 percent due to the low demand from Georgia.

Kalyoncu also mentioned the product ranking of the exports carried out in the 5 months of the year from the region, “Hazelnut and its products are the first with an export of 343 million 383 thousand 130 dollars, fresh fruit and vegetable products are the second with an export of 89 million 116 thousand 462 dollars, and metal and metal products with an export of 80 million 347 thousand 519 dollars. products are in the third place, and aquaculture products are in the fourth place with exports of 48 million 926 thousand 265 dollars. used the phrase.

Pointing out that exports were made to 119 countries from the region in this period, Kalyoncu said, “The top 5 export countries were Italy, Russian Federation, People’s Republic of China, Germany and Poland, respectively. Exports from these countries to Italy increased by 32 percent compared to the same period of the previous year Exports increased by 72 percent to the Russian Federation and 64 percent to the People’s Republic of China. shared his knowledge.


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