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Fathoms will be thrown for the TRNC in the Mediterranean

8 swimmers will swim from Mersin to Girne on the occasion of the 47th anniversary of the establishment of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. The swimmers will deliver the flag to the TRNC authorities on the beach in Kyrenia, where the Turkish Army landed on July 20, 1974.

Istanbul Yıldızlar Swimming Sports Club again organized a swimming event for the 47th anniversary of the Cyprus Peace Operation, organized by the Turkish Armed Forces to bring peace to the two peoples on the island of Cyprus.

In the event held for the second time this year, former Minister of State Kürşad Tuzmen as well as Prof. Dr. Akın Savaş Toklu, Tarkan Tuzmen, Nilay Erkal, Özlem Ör, Melike Öztürk, Dr. The team consisting of Uğur Çiftçi and Cem Kani will take turns swimming.

It will take 30 – 35 hours

The event “Our Flag to Cyprus with Fathoms”, which is expected to last 30 – 35 hours, starts today (July 19) with the first strokes of Kürşad Tuzmen entering the sea from Mersin.

Eight athletes will swim uninterruptedly and hand over the Turkish Flag given to them from Mersin to the TRNC authorities at Girne Landing Beach tomorrow (July 20).


According to the news of Gökhan Karakaş from Milliyet, no cages will be used to protect swimmers from dangers such as sharks in the swimming marathon that will take place in the open waters of the Mediterranean. Eight swimmers will also wear protective wristbands that emit signals to sharks as a safety precaution. On the other hand, the ships and safety boats of the Coast Guard Command will accompany the athletes throughout the marathon.


Kürşad Tuzmen said that the Istanbul Yıldızlar Swimming Sports Club President Mustafa Özer designed the swimming marathon.

Tuzmen said, “While drawing the world’s attention to the open sea marathon, we want to emphasize the existence of the TRNC, which is an independent state. While drawing attention to the embargoes applied to the TRNC athletes in the international arena, we aim to provide an open water course to the open water swimmers in our country. We learned that European swimmers were preparing for this course and we were happy. Our country’s athletes go to Europe for such marathons and spend serious money. We think that with this marathon, this trend will be reversed.”


prof. Dr. Akın Toklu stated that when he looked at the sea from his hometown Mersin Anamur’s Malaklar village, he thought that the Mediterranean Sea, which stretched to the horizon, would collapse at any moment, and that he would now return to his childhood days with the strokes he would throw.

prof. Dr. Toklu said: “The Mediterranean seemed to me like a wall of water. Therefore, with this perception that settled in my subconscious, I often dreamed of the sea overflowing and struggling with tsunamis, the name of which I will hear later. The silhouette of the Beşparmak Mountains and the lights of the Baby Homeland TRNC always attracted me when the weather was clear. It is a great honor to contribute to the remembrance of the operation that brought peace and freedom to Cyprus with the organization of our flag, “Females to Cyprus.”


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