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Fishermen embroider torn and broken nets

Fishermen living in Foça district of İzmir have been making their living from this sector by diligently repairing their nets for almost half a century.

Fishermen living in the district of Foça carefully repair the torn, ripped and crumbling nets.

There are also fishermen in the city who have been maintaining this business for almost half a century and earn their living from this sector. The 45-year-old fisherman Sefer Yolcu (61), who started fishing at the age of 16, said that they continued the net repair that they started in the morning until the evening.

Passenger said, “This maintenance lasts until the end of May. After that, the boat maintenance of the fishermen begins”.


Passenger said, “It is a difficult profession; dolphins break up their nets, get stuck on the stone. It is very difficult to make a living. This is a job that can only be done when we are retired. Because we are constantly tearing nets and costs are incurred. We lay the nets, dry them, put them on the cloths we call lampasa and weave the eyes of the nets. Our Foça’s sea is stony, so it tears a lot. This profession is a very difficult occupation. Since Foça is a place under the wind, we can go to the sea 3 or 5 times a month. We bring it from Izmir, and we buy it from Izmir, “he said.

48-year-old fisherman Mustafa Kıtı also said, “A fisherman’s net will be in good condition. This maintenance is indispensable. Fishing without a net is not possible, when you make a damage, you can do it on a daily basis. If it is not repaired daily, the net will be damaged. Our licensed boats have visas every year, they have maintenance. These are a burden for the small fisherman, “he said.


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