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Fruit and vegetable production resumed in the world’s first underwater farm

The world’s first underwater farm, ‘Nemo’s Garden’, has started to produce fruit and vegetables again after a long hiatus.

In 2012, a structure consisting of 6 underwater greenhouses was built on the coast of Noli, Italy by the Ocean Reef Group.

In the project, various herbs such as basil, salad, tomatoes, zucchini, beans, green peas, aloe vera, mushrooms and strawberries began to be planted step by step.

“Every year we discover new possible applications for biospheres,” said Gianni Fontanesi, Nemo’s Garden project coordinator.

These include scientific research laboratories or underwater stations for monitoring eco-tourism, fish farming, seaweed farming or wildlife research.

Damaged by severe storms in October 2019, the structure was very close to being brought to a standstill. The team worked to bring life to six air-filled underwater capsules anchored to the bottom of the sea to keep the farm active.

The habitat was left unprotected for months due to Covid-19 restrictions. Yet the structure has held its own, and the farm has reopened more robustly than ever before.


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