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Greenpeace Activists Block Bulk Carrier in France | CABRILLO

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June 7th witnessed a visit by Greenpeace activists to the port of Saint-Nazaire in France to block a bulker arriving from Brazil.

Cabrillo, a 75,000 DWT bulk carrier, was loaded with a cargo of soybeans from the Cerrado region of Brazil. This region has suffered a tough blow because of the rapid spread of agricultural pursuits in the previously inexperienced areas. Soybean farming has been the prime enforcer of land and uses metamorphosis in the Cerrado region, which sums up about 40 percent of Brazil’s soy export ventures.

The Chain Reaction Research carried out a satellite imaging analysis which points out that the deforestation schemes are hugely undertaken by some of the biggest faces in the Brazilian agricultural business as well as those famous and trusted players from the commodity trading and bulker chartering. The advocacy group FAIRR asserts that the conversion process is about to conclude. This will leave only 20 percent of the natural region of the biome unvarnished. The land clearing pursuits ignite the dangers of drought and fatal fires. A complete monetization of the resource base is expected since only a scant area of about 3 percent of the land is safeguarded under the legislation.

The statement by Greenpeace said, “This month of May was particularly devastating for the Cerrado and the Amazon rainforest, two ecosystems affected by several fires never seen since 2007. ”

In the demonstration of protest against these activities, the Greenpeace France reformers, on May 31, besieged a soybean storage depot at the port of Saint-Nazaire. They continued their protests by jamming the path of the Cabrillo. These activists sailed in inflatable boats and painted their demand to “STOP DEFORESTATION” in huge white inked letters on the side of the hull of the vessel.

The activists voiced that France will not be a part of such a devastating tragedy and its people should pitch in their efforts to stop this. The only escape left at hand is the cessation of imported deforestation.


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