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Gulf Cup Sea Rowing Races will be held in Kocaeli

The Gulf Cup Sea Rowing Races, which are included in the 2021 activity program of the Turkish Rowing Federation, will be held in Kocaeli on 16 October.

According to the statement made by Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, the races to be organized in cooperation with the Turkish Rowing Federation, Kocaeli Provincial Directorate of Youth and Sports and IMEAK Chamber of Shipping Kocaeli Branch will start on Saturday, October 16 at 10:00 at Sekapark Kite Hill Beach.

More than 300 athletes and trainers from İzmit Sümerspor, Şişecam Çayırova, Bayramoğlu, Galatasaray, Fenerbahçe, Sinop Youth Center, İzmir, Turkish Fishmen, TED Ankara Colleges, Commodore, Atılım University, İstanbul, Altınboynuz, Galata, Haliç and Vira Rowing clubs participated in the races. will attend.

The organization, which will be the first world championship competition held in Turkey, will be held on a 4,000-meter track.

The championship, in which the participants will compete with the boats of four double class sea rowing, will be held in 7 categories: women and men under the age of 19, women, men, master mix, master women and men.

In the organization, medals will be given to the top three athletes in their categories, and cups will be awarded to the clubs. The application date for the registrations to be taken through the Turkish Rowing Federation information system will end on October 13.


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