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IMEAK DTO Kocaeli Branch has published Kocaeli’s ‘Maritime History’ into a book

IMEAK Chamber of Shipping Kocaeli Branch celebrated the 1st of July Maritime and Cabotage Day with a magnificent program. In the celebration program at Seka Park Congress Center, the book titled “Kocaeli Maritime History in Ottoman Archive Documents” was introduced, which focuses on the maritime history in Kocaeli for the first time.

The 1st of July Maritime and Cabotage Day celebrations of the Kocaeli Branch of the IMEAK Chamber of Shipping was once again full of enthusiasm.

Kocaeli Deputy Governors Suat Yıldız, Aslan Avşarbey, Kocaeli Metropolitan Deputy Mayor Yaşar Çakmak, Körfez Mayor Şener Söğüt, TCSG-71 Kandıra Kefken Coast Guard Commander Senior Lieutenant Devran Öztoprak, Chamber Presidents, Provincial Department managers, NGO representatives and many guests attended the program. It started with a cocktail.

Afterwards, exhibitions of paintings, ship models, calligraphy and calligraphy explaining the sea and the importance of maritime were visited. Especially the oil paintings and ship model collections were highly appreciated. The most important part of the program was the presentation of the book titled “Kocaeli Maritime History in Ottoman Archive Documents” prepared by Presidency Ottoman Archive Researcher Süreyya Atilla Sağlamçubukçu and Historian Writer Volkan Şenel. The book, which met with the reader for the first time, was distributed free of charge to the guests, and a signing day was also held.


Vedat Doğusel, Chairman of the Board of Directors of IMEAK DTO Kocaeli Branch, emphasized that the work, which was distributed free of charge to the participants, is very important in terms of shedding light on the maritime history of Kocaeli.

Doğusel stated that they are proud to bring together such an important work with the maritime history of Kocaeli on this important day and said, “We are celebrating the 95th anniversary of the 1st of July Maritime and Cabotage Festival, which is a milestone for Turkish maritime, and we acquired the right to operate our own territorial waters and ports. We are constantly carrying out new studies to increase the interest in the sea in our city, which has a coast to the Gulf of Izmit and the Black Sea. In this direction, we have come together with thousands of sea lovers, from the new service building of our chamber, which has gained the status of a branch from the representative office. The fact that young people are in the majority among them makes us even more happy for the future. Today, we are happy to experience another first here. We are proud to present to you the study titled “Kocaeli Maritime History in Ottoman Archive Documents”, which we prepared as IMEAK Chamber of Shipping Kocaeli Branch. We believe that this work is one of the most valuable works in Kocaeli maritime history and we thank the researcher Süreyya Atilla Sağlamçubukçu and the historian Volkan Şenel, who prepared this book.”



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