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Iranian ships in the Atlantic headed for Syria

It was claimed that the Iranian ships ‘Makran’ and ‘Sehend’, which entered the Atlantic Ocean by crossing the South African coast a few days ago, were on their way to Syria.

Iranian ships named ‘Makran’ and ‘Sehend’ have caused alarm between Washington and Tehran after they managed to enter the Atlantic Ocean for the first time last week without docking in other countries’ ports. According to the Bloomberg Agency, this situation has been described by the United States as a new Iranian threat.

According to the ‘Tanker Trackers’ website, Washington announced that it was monitoring the movement of ships and warned Venezuela and Cuba not to host the ships or accept the weapons they carry.

The website stated that two Iranian ships will participate in a naval exercise with Russia.

The Iranian military has announced that a small Iranian fleet has entered the Atlantic Ocean for the ‘first time’ to ‘strengthen its naval capabilities’.

Admiral Habibullah Sayyari, deputy commander of the Iranian army, said in a statement, “The Makran ship, which is considered the mobile base of the Iranian Navy, managed to enter the Atlantic Ocean accompanied by a frigate (Sehend).

The Iranian navy announced on June 2 that one of its largest ships, the ‘Hark’, sank after an unknown fire in the Arabian Sea and a few hours after the evacuation of its crew.

The Iranian navy stated that the ship was used for ‘training and support’ and has been in service for ‘over 40 years’.


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