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Kadıköy Municipality Council authorized the ‘Mayor’ for the tender for Kalamış Yacht Harbor

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Kadıköy Municipality Council unanimously accepted the proposal to authorize Kadıköy Mayor to participate in the privatization tender of Fenerbahçe Yacht Harbor and Sailing Club land.

The issue of privatization of Fenerbahçe Kalamış Yacht Harbor and Sailing Club land came to the fore in Istanbul Kadıköy Municipality Council.

Authorization of the Mayor of Kadıköy for the participation of Kadıköy Municipality in the privatization tender to be held at the Assembly’s agenda meeting on June 7 was opened to voting. The proposal passed unanimously by the Kadıköy Municipal Council.

Kadıköy Mayor Şerdil Dara Odabaşı has kept the privatization of Kalamış Beach on her agenda since the day she took office and has been a close follower of the legal processes as required by her profession.

Following the decision to privatize the area that includes Kalamış Yacht Harbor and Kalamış Sailing Club, Odabaşı announced that they aspire to these areas as Kadıköy Municipality so that no one would collapse.

Participating as Kadıköy Municipality in the “Fenerbahçe – Kalamış Yacht Harbor” Privatization Tender, given by the Real Estate and Expropriation Directorate regarding Fenerbahçe – Kalamış Yacht Harbor, on the agenda of the assembly meeting, by depositing the bid bond, paying the tender specifications and promotional document price, and submitting a bid for the tender. and authorizing the Mayor of Kadıköy to finalize all necessary procedures” was put to the vote and the proposal was accepted unanimously.

Kadıköy Municipality, regardless of this decision of the Assembly, also applied to the Privatization Administration and demanded that the place be given to the municipality without going out to tender.


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