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Kandıra’s blue flag beaches await holidaymakers

Blue flag beaches in the Kandıra district of Kocaeli, one of the favorite centers of summer tourism, create breathtaking views with their golden sand and clear waters of the Black Sea.

Kandıra, which is among the most popular summer destinations of the Black Sea, draws attention with its blue flag beaches.

Kerpe, Miço Bay, Kumcagiz, Kovanağzı, Cebeci and Bağırganlı beaches in the region stand out with their golden sand and clear water.

Kerpe Beach, considered the pearl of Kandıra, is one of the most important stops for visitors to the district. Kerpe is especially preferred by families with children due to its wind-sheltered structure. In some parts of the bay where the beach is located, snorkeling and scuba diving can be done.

Miço Bay, located in Kerpe District, is reserved for women only during the summer season. On the beach surrounded by a pine forest, visitors can relax in the shade of lush trees.


Kumcagiz Beach, which has a beach of about 1 kilometer long and 20 meters wide, is also among the addresses sought by those who are overwhelmed by the summer heat. On the beach, which is preferred with its clean and fine sand, the beauties of the sea floor can be watched thanks to the clarity of the water.

Cebeci, the largest beach of Kandıra, is approximately 1.5 kilometers long and 50 meters wide. Located directly opposite Kefken Island, one of the 2 islands in the Black Sea, the beach offers a panoramic view to its visitors. There are also volleyball and soccer fields on the beach.

The beach, which draws attention with its natural beauties, in the Bağırganlı District of Kandıra on the border of Istanbul, is less preferred than other beaches due to the waves. Bağırganlı Beach also provides opportunities for activities such as angling and diving.

Kovanağzı Beach in Kefken District is the second smallest beach in Kandıra with a blue flag after Miço Bay.

Kovanağzı, which has a stony sea floor and beach part, is shown among the safest beaches of Kandıra due to its low waves.


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