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Lakerdas made in winter decorate the benches in summer

Lakerdas made from bonito and toric, which are caught abundantly in winter in Sinop, adorn the benches in summer. Also known as salted fish in the region and brought ready for consumption after long efforts such as cleaning, washing, salting and jarring, the lakerdas were offered for sale for 250 liras in a jar.

Acorns, which were caught by fishermen in the Black Sea during the hunting season and put in icehouses, were put into jars as lakers. When there was an abundance of bonito in the city this year, fishermen started to make and sell bonito.

Made from salted bonito, lacquerware sells for 250 liras in 2 kilogram jars. The construction of the lacquer, which is carefully prepared by its enthusiasts, is quite difficult. In order for the laker to be good, the acorn must be iris or toric. First, the spinal cords of the fish cut into slices are cleaned with the help of a fine-tipped wire. After cleaning the fish, it is kept in ice water for 3 days.

Then, the most important part of the lacquer is salted. Salted fish are kept in the refrigerator. The fish, which are taken to rest, are then put into storage containers and become ready. Lakerdas made in winter are also offered for sale in 2 kilogram jars for 250 liras in summer.

İbrahim Coşkunarslan, who has been fishing in the city for many years, said that salty fish, also known as “lakerda”, can be consumed easily in summer.


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