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Marshall Islands Flag State Regulations

Marine Notices
NumberTitleDate UpdatedLink
MN-1-002-1List of Office and Service Locations06/2021Link
MN-2-011-52International Code for Ships Operating in Polar Waters (Polar Code)03/2021Link
MN-7-038-1Periodically Unattended Machinery Spaces (PUMS); Requirements for Safety of Operation and Reduced Manning03/2021Link
MN-1-004-2Reporting Certificate Fraud and Professional and Technical Incompetence03/2021Link
MN-7-045-22018 Amendments to the Maritime Labour Convention, 200602/2021Link
MN-2-013-4Shipboard Oil Pollution Emergency Plan (SOPEP) Approval for Republic of the Marshall Islands Ships02/2021Link
MN-4-033-4Radio Message Accounting Procedures and Accounting Authorities01/2021Link
MN-1-005-2Fees for Official Yacht Documents and Services01/2021Link
MN-2-015-1Intact Stability Damage Stability and Strength Vessels01/2021Link
MN-2-011-53Conducting Surveys and Issuing International Convention and National Certificates for Commercial Yachts Passenger Yachts and Yachts Engaged in Trade01/2021Link
MN-7-038-2Minimum Safe Manning Requirements for Vessels01/2021Link
MN-2-011-25Long-Range Identification and Tracking of Ships01/2021Link
MN-2-011-49Yacht “Mini-ISM”01/2021Link
MN-2-011-57Recreational Fire Appliances12/2020Link
MN-2-011-23Carriage of Solid Bulk Cargoes12/2020Link
MN-1-005-1Fees for Official Documents and Services12/2020Link
MN-2-011-14Maintenance and Inspection of Fire Protection Systems and Appliances12/2020Link
MN-7-041-5Electronic Record Books and Logbook Systems11/2020Link
MN-1-000-3Requirements on Carriage of Publications on Board Ships11/2020Link
MN-1-109-1Electronic Documents and Certificates11/2020Link
MN-2-011-32Magnetic Compasses Adjustment10/2020Link
MN-2-011-13International Safety Management (ISM) Code09/2020Link
MN-4-033-7GMDSS Radio Logbooks09/2020Link
MN-2-014-1Ballast Water Management07/2020Link
MN-2-011-7Passenger Ships – Underwater Examination/Survey in Lieu of Drydocking06/2020Link
MN-2-011-28Anti-Fouling Systems Convention06/2020Link
MN-7-042-1Medical Care on Board Ship and Ashore: Medicine Chest Recordkeeping and Responsibilities and Training for Medical Care06/2020Link
MN-2-011-56Inventory of Hazardous Materials Experts05/2020Link
MN-7-046-1Articles of Agreement between the Master and Seafarers in the Merchant Service of the Republic of the Marshall Islands (Shipping Articles)04/2020Link
MN-2-011-16International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS) Code03/2020Link
MN-2-011-55Conducting Surveys and Issuing International Convention and National Certificates for Private Yachts02/2020Link
MN-2-013-11Requirements for MARPOL Surveys for All Yachts02/2020Link
MN-2-011-37Life Saving Appliances and Systems01/2020Link
MN-2-011-50Use and Maintenance of Non-Steel Wires/Falls on Yachts for Lifeboat/Rescue Boat/Life Raft Davits01/2020Link
MN-2-011-2International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code and Medical Oxygen Cylinder Requirements11/2019Link
MN-7-041-1Entering Enclosed Spaces – Safety Precautions08/2019Link
MN-2-013-8Implementation of MARPOL Annex VI Regulations for the Prevention of Air Pollution from Ships08/2019Link
MN-2-023-1Proof of Liability Insurance07/2019Link
MN-2-015-2Procedures for Obtaining Multiple Load Line Assignment07/2019Link
MN-2-011-47Plans and Procedures to Recover Persons from the Water07/2019Link
MN-4-033-1Inmarsat Services under the Point of Service Activation (PSA) Concept06/2019Link
MN-7-047-2Approval of Maritime Training Centers Courses and Programs05/2019Link
MN-2-011-39Piracy, Armed Robbery and the Use of Armed Security04/2019Link
MN-2-011-54Conducting Surveys and Issuing International Convention and National Certificates for Private Yachts Limited Charter03/2019Link
MN-2-011-43Registration of Tenders and Issuance of Tender Statements of Compliance03/2019Link
MN-7-052-3Liability Insurance for Seafarer Abandonment Death and Long-Term Disability02/2019Link
MN-7-049-1Hazardous Work and Consideration of Health and Safety Issues for Seafarers Under the Age of 18 Years Old10/2018Link
MN-4-033-2Required Documents for Ship Radio Stations10/2018Link
MN-2-013-12Regulations on Energy Efficiency for Ships and Fuel Oil Consumption Data Collection10/2018Link
MN-2-011-33Maritime Labour Convention 2006 Inspection and Certification Program10/2018Link
MN-2-014-2Reports Alleging Inadequate MARPOL Port Reception Facilities and Report Forms08/2018Link
MN-1-006-1Data Privacy Consent: Seafarers and Filing Agents07/2018Link
MN-2-011-35National Safety Requirements for Offshore Supply Vessels07/2018Link
MN-2-011-10Fire Control Plans Escape Route Signs and Life-Saving Symbols07/2018Link
MN-2-011-12Implementation of IMO Unique Company and Registered Owner Identification Number Scheme04/2018Link
MN-7-041-2Hot Work03/2018Link
MN-1-007-1Particularly Sensitive Sea Areas03/2018Link
MN-2-011-15Plans for Cooperation Between Search and Rescue Services and Passenger Vessels02/2018Link
MN-2-013-5MARPOL Annex V-Prevention of Garbage Pollution from Ships02/2018Link
MN-2-011-11Systems Using Halogenated Hydrocarbons (Halons) and Other Ozone Depleting Substances01/2018Link
MN-7-038-4Principles of Watchkeeping10/2017Link
MN-2-011-26Application for Service Extensions / Dispensations (Revision)08/2017Link
MN-5-034-5Measures to Improve Compliance of RMI Vessels in United States Ports08/2017Link
MN-1-004-1Familiarization with Marshall Islands National Maritime Legislation06/2017Link
MN-2-011-41Procedure for Sea Trials and Demonstrating Compliance with SOLAS Regulations II-1/28 and II-1/2906/2017Link
MN-7-041-3Pilot Transfer Arrangements04/2017Link
MN-2-011-18Ship Security Alert System (SSAS)03/2017Link
MN-2-011-51International Code of Safety for Ships Using Gases or Other Low-Flashpoint Fuels (IGF Code)03/2017Link
MN-2-013-3Oil Filtering Equipment and Control of Operational Discharge of Oil03/2017Link
MN-2-011-1International Maritime Conventions and Other Instruments Adopted by the Republic of the Marshall Islands02/2017Link
MN-2-011-4Issuance and Use of Statutory Certificates02/2017Link
MN-2-011-5Life-Saving Appliances and Equipment01/2017Link
MN-7-041-6Nautical Chart and Publication Carriage and Electronic Chart Display and Information System (ECDIS) Requirements12/2016Link
MN-7-041-7Alternative Methods for Lifeboat Drills on Mobile Offshore Units (MOUs)12/2016Link
MN-7-052-2Maximum Period of Shipboard Service for Seafarers Under the Maritime Labour Convention 2006 (MLC 2006)10/2016Link
MN-2-011-42Surveys and Issuance of International Convention and National Certificates for Yachts09/2016Link
MN-2-013-9Vessel Response Plans and Salvage and Marine Firefighting Capability Requirements for Tank Vessels Operating in U.S. Waters08/2016Link
MN-4-033-3Renewal of Ship Radio Station Licenses06/2016Link
MN-7-044-1Accommodations Recreational Facilities Food Catering and Water06/2016Link
MN-4-033-6Approved Global Positioning Satellite System Equipment04/2016Link
MN-2-011-17Automatic Identification Systems (AIS)03/2016Link
MN-2-013-1Oil Discharge Monitoring and Control Systems (ODMCS) Failures – Manual Means of Monitoring and Procedures for Discharge03/2016Link
MN-2-011-33Maritime Labour Convention 2006 Inspection and Certification Program01/2016Link
MN-2-011-48Requirements for Yachts Taking Part in Races10/2015Link
MN-2-011-34Special Purpose Ships07/2015Link
MN-1-000-4Maritime Administrator Policy Goals and Measures Used Toward the Effective and Efficient Implementation of Mandatory IMO Instruments in Accordance with the Republic of the Marshall Islands Statement of Policy for the Marshall Islands Maritime Program06/2015Link
MN-5-034-1Safety Inspection Program06/2015Link
MN-5-034-2Alternate Safety Inspection Program06/2015Link
MN-7-043-1Means of Ship Embarkation/Disembarkation05/2015Link
MN-2-011-40Bridge Navigation Watch Alarm Systems03/2015Link
MN-2-011-45Nairobi International Convention on the Removal of Wrecks 2007 Certification Requirements02/2015Link
MN-2-011-46Athens Convention Relating to the Carriage of Passengers and Their Luggage by Sea 2002 Certification Requirements02/2015Link
MN-4-033-5Frequency Identification Numbers Testing and Disposition of Satellite EPIRBs12/2014Link
MN-2-011-20Notice of Intended Entry into Port11/2014Link
MN-2-013-10Implementation of MARPOL Annex I Chapter 8 – Prevention of Pollution During Transfer of Oil Cargo Between Oil Tankers at Sea11/2014Link
MN-5-034-4Compulsory Special Safety Inspections for Ships Arriving in the United States that May be Due for a Port State Control Examination or a Tank Vessel Certificate of Compliance Examination10/2014Link
MN-2-011-36National Safety Requirements for Vessels Carrying Persons in Addition to Crew07/2014Link
MN-2-011-38Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) for Ships Carrying Oil or Oil Fuel07/2014Link
MN-7-038-3Minimum Safe Manning Requirements for Fishing Vessels06/2014Link
MN-2-011-19Continuous Synopsis Record (CSR)01/2014Link
MN-7-051-2Minimum Hours of Rest11/2013Link
MN-7-053-1On Board Complaint Procedures11/2013Link
MN-2-013-2MARPOL Recordkeeping and Reporting Requirements12/2012Link
MN-2-011-3Carriage of Grain06/2011Link
MN-7-041-4Simulated Launching Procedures for Free-Fall Lifeboats04/2011Link
MN-7-045-1Demonstrating Compliance of Seafarer Recruitment and Placement Services12/2009Link
MN-7-051-1Payment of Wages – Account12/2009Link
MN-2-011-8National Safety Requirements for Miscellaneous Vessels06/2009Link
MN-2-011-29The Role of Recognized Organizations (ROs) in Ensuring Compliance with IMO Mandatory Instruments and National Regulations02/2009Link
MN-2-011-27Civil Liability for Bunker Oil Pollution Damage 2001 Certification Requirements09/2008Link
MN-2-011-6Fire Extinguishing Requirements for Paint and Flammable Liquid Lockers on Existing Vessels08/2006Link
MN-5-034-3Operational/Safety Checklist for SOLAS 74/78 Requirements08/2006Link
Recent Marine Guidelines
NumberTitleDate Published / UpdatedLink
MG-2-13-8Guidance on the Application of MARPOL, ANNEX II to Offshore Support Vessels05/2021Link
MG-7-41-2Hydrographic Information: Cooperation with Hydrographic Services05/2021Link
MG-2-11-16Maritime Cyber Risk Management05/2021Link
MG-7-41-5Stowaways: Prevention of Unauthorized Access and Case Resolution05/2021Link
MG-2-11-15Organizations Acting on Behalf of the Republic of the Marshall Islands Maritime Administrator03/2021Link
MG-2-11-1E-Addresses of Governmental Authorities for Facilitating the Exchange of Electronic Information01/2021Link
MG-1-11-2Yacht Engaged in Trade01/2021Link
MG-6-36-2Notification and Reporting of Marine Casualties Marine Incidents Occurrences and Offenses12/2020Link
MG-7-44-1Food Handling Storage and Preparation12/2020Link
MG-7-45-1Guidance on Seafarer Employment Agreements08/2020Link
MG-2-11-18Reference List to Aid in International Safety Management Code Compliance08/2020Link
MG-1-04-1Guidelines on Modifications to Instrument Recordation and Acknowledgement Requirements Pursuant to Republic of the Marshall Islands Maritime Act, §§103-106, §108, and §203(h) in Response to COVID19 Pandemic07/2020Link
MG-2-11-14Maritime Domain Awareness for Trade – Gulf of Guinea (MDAT-GoG) Voluntary Reporting Scheme04/2020Link
MG-2-11-9Inventory of Hazardous Materials10/2019Link
MG-7-47-1Guidance on Medical Exams and Certificates for Seafarers05/2019Link
MG-5-34-3Asian Gypsy Moth Inspection Program05/2019Link
MG-2-14-1Ballast Water Management03/2019Link
MG-2-13-7Guidance on the International Maritime Organization Data Collection System for Fuel Oil Consumption of Ships and the European Union System for Monitoring, Reporting, and Verification of Carbon Dioxide Emissions from Maritime Transport10/2018Link
MG-2-11-17Voluntary Early Implementation of SOLAS Regulations II-2/1 and II-2/10 Firefighting05/2018Link
MG-2-13-6Guidance on the Application of Regulation 13 of MARPOL Annex VI Tier III Requirements to Dual Fuel and Gas-Fuelled Engines01/2018Link
MG-1-11-1Lay-Up of Vessels01/2018Link
MG-2-13-3Oil Record Book Guidelines12/2017Link
MG-1-109-1Electronic Documents and Certificates04/2017Link
MG-2-11-12Guidance for Company Security Officers on Preparing a Company and Crew for the Contingency of a Hijacking by Pirates (Western Indian Ocean and Gulf of Aden)07/2015Link
MG-5-34-1Voluntary Self-Inspection Program08/2013Link
MG-7-41-1Safety of Navigation ECDIS Navigation Chart Correction and Use Speed Input to ARPA Equipped Radars and Traffic Separation Lanes11/2012Link
MG-7-41-3Guidelines for Voyage Planning08/2012Link
MG-2-11-13MSCHOA User Instructions for Updated Vessel Movement Registration Form09/2011Link
MG-5-34-5Inspection of Fuel Oil Quick-Closing Valves02/2011Link
MG-2-13-5Incorporating By Reference Salvage and Marine Firefighting Requirements in Vessel Response Plans (VRPs)11/2010Link
MG-2-11-10Time-Sensitive Extension for Compliance with New York State Ballast Water Treatment System Standards05/2010Link
MG-5-34-4U.S. Coast Guard QUALSHIP 21 Application09/2009Link
MG-2-13-2Guidelines for the Design of Systems to Handle Oily Wastes in Machinery Spaces of Ships Incorporating Guidance Notes for an Integrated Bilge Water Treatment System (IBTS)08/2009Link
MG-6-36-1Guidelines on the Control of Ships in an Emergency10/2007Link
MG-2-11-2Bulk Carriers – Guidelines on Early Assessment of Hull Damage10/2006Link
MG-2-13-1Useful and Practical Information About Cleansing Agents and Their Impact Upon Oil Pollution Prevention Equipment for Machinery Space Bilges10/2006Link
MG-5-34-2Guidelines for Undergoing a Port State Control Inspection10/2006Link
MG-7-41-4Guidelines for the Recording of Events related to Navigation10/2006Link



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