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Ministry of Commerce set 15 distant countries to target in exports

While the Ministry of Commerce aimed to increase the range of exports to 8 thousand kilometers within the scope of the Far Country Strategy, 15 distant countries were determined.

The Ministry of Commerce determined 15 target countries for the “Far Countries Strategy”, which is also included in the Medium Term Program.

While the Ministry accelerated its preparations on the subject, it sent a letter to non-governmental organizations. In the article, it was stated that, upon the instruction of Minister Mehmet Muş, studies were carried out to create a strategy document aimed at increasing exports of information, software and communication services with distant countries, which have a high foreign trade deficit and are outside of traditional markets.

In the article, which emphasized the importance of realistically reflecting the conditions in the relevant markets for the issues and action plans to be included in the strategy document to be created, the opinions of the sector stakeholders were requested to be used in the preparatory studies.


In the article, it was pointed out that 15 countries were determined within the scope of the Far Country Strategy, and these countries were listed as the USA, Brazil, China, Indonesia, Philippines, South Africa, South Korea, India, Japan, Canada, Malaysia, Mexico, Chile, Thailand and Vietnam.

According to the data of the Ministry of Commerce and the Turkish Exporters Assembly (TIM), Turkey exported 15 billion 286 million 326 thousand liras to these countries in the 8-month period of this year. While exports to the USA were 7.9 billion dollars in this period, foreign sales to China exceeded 2.2 billion dollars.

In the January-August period, Turkey exported 699.5 million dollars to Brazil, 180.2 million dollars to Indonesia, 65 million dollars to the Philippines and 518.8 million dollars to South Africa.

In the said period, exports to South Korea were 362.5 million dollars, exports to India were 664.2 million dollars, exports to Japan were 286.5 million dollars, and exports to Canada were 949.8 million dollars. Exports were $257 million to Malaysia, $442.2 million to Mexico, $356.5 million to Chile, $145.9 million to Thailand and $194.8 million to Vietnam.

Regarding the subject, Minister of Trade Mehmet Muş stated that Turkey’s export range is 2,500 kilometers on average, and it is aimed to increase this range to 8 thousand kilometers. Muş said, “We want to move our exporters to the Far East and Latin America with our Far Country Strategy, which is still in progress. We are rapidly continuing our work in this direction.”


TİM President İsmail Gülle said that Turkey’s largest export market is European countries and this market has a 57 percent share in exports. Pointing out that there is a huge economy and potential especially in the Far East countries, Gülle said, “There is a huge population, consumption and production there. We need to develop our trade in this region.”

Gülle stated that trade with the Far East is against Turkey and that exports to this region should be increased, and said, “We need to concentrate on exports here in order to balance exports and imports. We need to increase and balance exports to countries such as India, China and South Korea, and focus on these areas by establishing a strategy.” .


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