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MSC, Fincantieri, and Snam Set To Develop World’s First Hydrogen-Powered Cruise Ship

MSC, Fincantieri, and Snam Set To Develop World's First Hydrogen-Powered Cruise Ship

On July 26, MSC Group’s Cruise Division, Fincantieri, and Snam agreed to terms of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to collaboratively develop a conceptual framework for designing and building the world’s first ocean-going hydrogen-powered cruise ship.

MSC Group will collaborate to conduct an initial feasibility study on designing and building the world’s first ocean-going cruise ship powered by hydrogen with one of the world’s biggest shipbuilding groups and a leading international energy infrastructure operator as part of the agreement.

Green hydrogen may be created without the use of fossil fuels by splitting water with renewable energy in a process called electrolysis and hence is emission-free over its entire existence. It is responsible for generating electricity via a fuel cell, producing only water vapor and heat. The said ‘green’ hydrogen has tremendous capability to focus on boosting decarbonization in the global transportation industry, whether in its pure form or as a hydrogen-derived fuel.

Pierfrancesco Vago, Executive Chairman of MSC Group’s Cruise Division, stated, “As a company that has always prioritized environmental sustainability, we want to position ourselves at the forefront of our sector’s energy revolution, which hydrogen can significantly contribute to.”However, production levels remain low today, and the commercialization of hydrogen fuel remains a long way off.”

According to the provisions of the MoU, the three companies will conduct 12-month research of critical aspects affecting the development of ocean-going hydrogen-powered cruise ships. These tasks include designing ship areas to support hydrogen technologies and fuel cells, determining the operating conditions of onboard systems, calculating potential greenhouse gas emission reductions, and conducting a technical and economic assessment of hydrogen supply and infrastructure.

MSC Group’s Cruise Division is committed to conducting business at a global carbon-neutral level by 2050. To reach this goal, the Company is collaborating with a diverse group of shipyards, suppliers, manufacturers, and other organizations, as well as engaging in a variety of emerging technologies and solutions for its fleet.

The execution of the cooperation indicated above may be the subject of future binding agreements that the Parties will debate upon.

For more insights on hydrogen as an alternative fuel in ocean-going shipping, please visit our blog.

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