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Mucilage in Marmara worries Black Sea fishermen

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The mucilage problem in the Marmara Sea, which is on the migration route of fish, worries Black Sea fishermen for the next year.

Among fishermen, mucilage, called sea sliver or skateboard, is causing concern, especially for the upcoming fishing season.

Expressing that mucilage may be an obstacle for fish that will follow the Aegean Sea and pass through the Marmara Sea and spawn in the Black Sea, Hamdi Arslan, the Head of Fisheries Cooperative in Giresun’s Piraziz district, said that this would be a great loss for the fishermen.

Stating that although attention has been drawn to sea pollution for years, no action has been taken, Arslan said, “We have been talking about this problem for years. We say take precautions. The Marmara Sea is a migration route for many fish species. Therefore, this pollution affects not only the Marmara Sea but also the fish diversity in the Black Sea. Especially in these months, there are migratory fish that will come to the Black Sea to leave caviar. Based on our experience, I would say that it came at such a time that it was bad that this pollution emerged during the months when migratory fish such as bonito and bluefish crossed from the Marmara Sea to the Black Sea. In these images, we will see the results of the situation that worries us towards the end of July, when anglers start to hunt. However, other than that, it is obvious that pollution damages the fish species in the coastal areas. Because the pollution is mostly seen on the coasts, fish such as landoz, sea bass, mullet and thrush leave their caviar on the coasts. It is a fact that fish on the beach are more affected by this pollution than fish in deep waters. This sea pollution is worrying us fishermen for the next season.”


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