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Natural wonder Titreyengöl can turn into a swamp

Titreyengöl, which has an area of ​​3 thousand square meters in Antalya, is in danger of extinction. Insufficient flooding from the Manavgat River and the sea causes the lake’s water level to decrease day by day.

While the surface of Titreyengöl was covered with algae starting from the shores, moss islets formed in the middle of the lake. While ugly images emerge with the decrease of the water level, the 5-star hotels around the lake remain insensitive to the subject.

Titreyengöl, which has an area of ​​approximately 3 thousand square meters in Manavgat Sorgun district, which has many 5-star touristic facilities around it and hosts many different bird species from cormorants to peking ducks, is disappearing a little more every day.

Titreyengöl, which is one of the places where the people of Manavgat show great interest, as well as the foreign and domestic tourists who spend their holidays in the region, started to dry out of thirst despite being very close and connected to the Manavgat River and the sea.

The lake, which was named as Titreyengöl due to the tremor caused by the mixing of the fresh water from the Manavgat river and the salt water from the sea, and which is one of the natural beauties of Manavgat, is experiencing hard times due to the lack of sufficient water from the Manavgat River and the lack of water from the sea.

The water level of the lake is decreasing day by day. Algae islets that form in the middle of the lake, whose shores are completely covered by algae, and where the discarded garbage and bottles remain on the algae and create ugly images, continue to grow.


Akdeniz University Kemer Maritime Faculty Dean Prof.Dr. İsmet Balık said that Titreyengöl is one of the most important tourism destinations of Manavgat.

Stating that Titreyengöl has been on the agenda for the last 10-15 years, especially in summer due to the water level and the pollution in it, Balık said, “Because of the climate of the region, summer comes early, there is plenty of light and Titreyengöl has a problem with the cecum because of the inflow of water on one side and the lack of exit on the other. reminiscent of. It has input but no output. When there is no output, the water is tested and plant growth increases inside. These plants rot and sink to the bottom towards autumn. The following year, these plants continue to reproduce more than the previous year.”

“The lake is connected to the river”

Reminding that the lake was flooded from the sea before, so that the lake would not be affected, Balık said, “The water is not flooded from the sea. It is normal to experience such negativities in summer when there is not enough water from the Manavgat River. As long as the flow of the river does not decrease, there will be no water cut in the lake. If the flow in the river decreases, the water level in the lake will decrease. The lake is connected to the river. As water comes from the river, there will be recycling,” he said.


Underlining that it is important to evacuate the water inside this lake, which has no outlet, Balık says, “If you do not drain this water, if you do not give fresh water, plant growth will continue. In the short term, fresh water can be supplied from the sea by operating the pumps in the lake. The channel at the mouth of the river may be clogged and the water inflow may be reduced. The inflow of water into the lake can be increased. Instead of giving water from the sea, the permanent solution is that we can discharge the water of this 130 thousand square meter lake towards the sea several times during the summer months. Or we have to supply fresh water from the river through pumps. “If we don’t drain this polluted water or increase the inflow of fresh water from the river, it’s not possible to destroy this excess vegetation,” he said.


Pointing out that it is very important for fresh water to enter Titreyengöl, Balık says, “Excessive plant reproduction continues and sedimentation occurs on the bottom. These lakes will gradually lose their depth and will turn into swamps over time. It will disappear later, maybe it will turn into agricultural land in the future. We don’t want that at all,” he said.


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