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Norway Awards Ferry Berths Rebuilding Contract Worth $34 Million

Norway Awards Ferry Berths Rebuilding Contract Worth $34 Million

The Norwegian Public Roads Administration, Statens vegvesen, recently announced the signing of a contract with the construction and civil engineering company Peab on 14th July, for the rebuilding and construction of four ferry berths in the Northern Nordland, Norway to facilitate zero or low emission ferry movements in the region.

The contract worth $34.27 million includes rebuilding three ferry berths at Bognes, Drag, and Skarberget by Peab across the region, along with the construction of a new ferry docking terminal in Kjøpsvik.

The contract also includes ramping up of various infrastructures simultaneously with the rebuilding of the ferry berths. The project plans the deployment of at least four charging stations for electric ferries at various sites as a major push and encouragement to electric ferry boats in the region. This aims to make port operations largely eco-friendly by cutting down on emission rates through these activities.

In addition to the charging points contract includes establishing power lines to support more environmentally sustainable future shipping and port operations at Drag. The building of service stations close to these docking points to facilitate easier maintenance and repair of ferry boats at all locations is also planned.

The eco-friendly nature of the project and its vision to execute the expertise of Peab in civil engineering makes it a great deal for Mr. Olle Eurenius as he expressed through his statement, “As local community builders, we need to reduce our climate footprint and participate in projects that contribute to lowering emissions.”

The project also envisions the building of a broader entrance line for ferries with greater depth at Skarberget for which underwater blast in near future is being planned.

The project will commence next month and will be registered in Q3 of the year. It is expected that the ferry berths will be revamped by November next year.

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