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Operating permission has been issued for Hatay Sea Bus Project

The Hatay Sea Bus (HADO) Project, which will contribute greatly to the economy of Hatay in the fields of culture, trade and tourism, has finally been approved.

The Hatay Sea Bus (HADO) Project, which is counting the days to be implemented by the Hatay Metropolitan Municipality, has been approved by the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure.

It has been reported that the letter expected by HBB, which completed the construction of the port in Arsuz Madenli months ago, from the General Directorate of Shipyards and Coastal Structures, was approved.

HBB President Assoc. Dr. Lütfü Savaş, in his evaluation after the approval of the business permit, stated that they were pleased with the decision.

Thanking HBB employees and everyone who contributed to their social media accounts, Savaş said, “The days when the Turkish flag will fly with HADO in Mediterranean waters are approaching. Hatay is now raising the bar, we want to open this port as soon as possible, which will cause our people to feed more hope and increase their comfort,” he said.

Noting that the necessary work has been initiated by the Hatay Metropolitan Municipality Department of Transportation for the UKOME Board Decision on obtaining a Line Permit, Savaş said, “An application will be made to the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure General Directorate of Maritime Affairs for the completion of the line permit procedures, I hope that after receiving that permit, of course, the pandemic will occur. We will start HADO flights, taking into account the rules,” he said.

Meanwhile, HBB had carried out the works at the port within the scope of the International Ship and Port Facility Security Rules and the security requirements set by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) from the first day.

In addition, HBB provided the necessary lighthouse and other equipment in line with the demands of the General Directorate of Coastal Safety, completed its inspections and received the certificates.


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