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Ordu fishermen repair damaged nets after the season

Fishermen in Fatsa district of Ordu continue to repair the nets they took ashore after the ban on fishing.

The fishing season at sea, which started on September 1, ended on April 15. Fishermen in Ordu started to repair the nets they took off the boats and brought to the shore.

Fishermen working to weave the torn parts of the nets and make them ready for the next fishing season, said that these processes can continue until the beginning of the season, and that the boats will be taken care of after a while. Those who are engaged in fishing in Yalıköy District said that the fishing season and bonito fishing last season were good.

Fatsalı fisherman Mustafa Mollaoğlu stated that they will go to the sea for the citizens to eat fresh fish in the season that will start on September 1, and said, “Last year there was plenty of bonito. Although not large, anchovies were plentiful throughout the season. Only a few days left until September. Our preparations continue in the port. In the next season, I hope we will start with bonito again, I hope there will be plenty of bonito again. If a ban is imposed, it will of course be difficult for us. Anchovy migrated during the hunting ban last year. I hope the ban will be useful. “Sometimes anchovies get bigger when hunting is prohibited,” he said.


Stating that the preparations will continue until September 1, fisherman Dursun Kaplan said, “The bonito became a bonito, the anchovy bans impressed us a lot. Fishermen suffered a lot this year. I think the state should help the fishermen next season. We have started preparations and these preparations will continue until September 1,” he said.

The fisherman named Muammer Uygun added that the preparations for the season continue uninterrupted.


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