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Panama Flag State Regulations

Marine Notices 
NumberTitleSourceDate Published
MN 13/2021Flag Annual Safety Inspection for Vessels with Priority 1 In Paris MoU Inspection and Selection Scheme that Arrive at any Port in ItalyLinkMay 2021
MN 12/2021(SAR) Joint Rescue Sub-Centre (JRSC) Contact Points and ReferencesLinkMay 2021
MN 11/2021Navigational Notice for Fishing Areas at Ningbo-Zhoushan Port Coastal WaterLinkMay 2021
MN 10/2021International Fisheries AffairsLinkApril 2021
MN 09/2021MSA – PSC Campaign and Precaution for Navigating Chinese Heavy Traffic Waterway in ShanghaiLinkApril 2021
MN 08/2021Safety and Health on board – Responsibilities of the Shipowners and Operating CompaniesLinkMarch 2021
MN 07/2021Standard Guide of Facts on Board a Panama Flag Ship, in Cases of Theft, Sexual Assault, Natural Death, Suicide and HomicideLinkMarch 2021
MN 06/2021DNV GL change of name to DNVLinkMarch 2021
MN 05/2021AMSA Focused Inspection Campaign – Livestock ShipsLinkFebruary 2021
MN 04/2021Designation of the Saba Bank as a Particularly Sensitive Sea AreaLinkFebruary 2021
MN 03/2021Segumar Hong Kong OfficeLinkJanuary 2021
MN 02/2021Gulf of GuineaLinkJanuary 2021
MN 01/2021Persian Gulf – Strait of Hormuz – Gulf of OmanLinkJanuary 2021
MN 21/2020Suez Canal, Gulf of Oman and YemenLinkDecember 2020
MN 20/2020Maritime Labour Convention, 2006, as amended. Amendments to the MLC Code relating to Standard A2.1 – Seafarers’ employment agreements, Standard A2.2 – Wages and Guideline B2.5.1 – EntitlementLinkDecember 2020
MN 19/2020Application of Cyber Risk Management to Vessels Calling at United States Coast GuardLinkDecember 2020
MN 18/2020USCG Ballast Water Management New Reporting FormLinkOctober 2020
MN 17/2020Concentrated Inspection Campaign on ISPS CodeLinkSeptember 2020
MN 16/2020Repatriation Modalities Due COVID-19LinkSeptember 2020
MN 15/2020Routeing Measures Other Than Traffic Separation SchemesLinkAugust 2020
MN 14/2020Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) Focused Inspection Campaign Proper Stowage and Securing of Cargo ContainersLinkAugust 2020
MN 13/2020Marine Safety AlertLinkJuly 2020
MN 12/2020Gulf of Mexico – Bay of Campeche – Tabasco, Republic of MexicoLinkJuly 2020
MN 11/2020Ship Sanitation Control Exemption Certificate / Ship Sanitation Control Certificate, International Health Regulations, 2005, (IHR)LinkJuly 2020
MN 10/2020Guidance to Report Maritime Corruption in PortsLinkJune 2020
MN 09/2020Sanction to all those vessels of Panamanian Registry that deliberately deactivate the Long Range Identification and Tracking Equipment (LRIT) or the Automatic Identification System (AIS)LinkMay 2020
MN 08/2020Suspend the Payment of FeesLinkApril 2020
MN 07/2020COVID-19 Request for Postponement – Extension of Statutory Certification & ServicesLinkMay 2020
MN 03/2020Coronavirus and Seafarers employment agreement and CertificatesLinkJanuary 2021
MN 06/2020Press Release – Security Level 2LinkMay 2020
MN 05/2020Press Release COVID-19LinkMarch 2020



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