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Parasites were found in fish, ‘Do not consume’ warning was made

Parasites were found in fish seized from poachers in Ankara. It was determined that two parasites and one bacterial species killed the fish in the inland waters of the Hirfanlı Dam, Mogan Lake, İkizce Pond and Kızılırmak basin. ASOF announced that the effects of parasites were mixed with net and harpoon wounds and warned “Do not consume”.

The ban on carp fishing, which continues its breeding season in inland waters, will continue until June 15. In addition to the provincial directorates of agriculture for poachers, the inspections of voluntary associations continue.

The fish caught during these inspections in Ankara alarmed the Amateur and Sportive Anglers Federation (ASOF). Two parasites and one bacterial species were found in fish obtained from poachers.

It was determined that the parasites caused visible wounds and death in fish.


After the study conducted by ASOF, the parasite effect was also found in fish living in the inland waters of the Hirfanlı Dam Pond, İkizce Pond, Mogan Lake and Kızılırmak basin.

It was stated that there may be parasites in Kurtboğazı Lake, where mass fish deaths have been experienced recently.

ASOF President Serkan İnanç stated that parasites were encountered in the Ankara region and the same situation was observed in four neighboring provinces.

According to the news in Sözcü, İnanç said, “This is the breeding period of this species. We faced a much bigger problem when dealing with poachers. We think that this disease can cause serious problems. We warn our citizens, do not consume these fish. Do not consume other fish caught from the waters where this disease is present,” he said.


In a written statement, ASOF management said, “Some frightening images have reached us regarding illegally caught fish in Ankara. As a result of the research we have done since last night, we have learned with regret that this situation is also present in many provinces. Since these images in fish were thought to be harpoon, electroshock or net wounds, there were also areas that were not taken into account regarding the disease. Water and fish samples related to this issue were taken from many regions and sent for examination. Although it is not certain, according to the information we have obtained, parasites and bacteria have been found in fish in laboratory researches. We think that there may be serious problems with the opening of the new season in our inland waters. As the Federation, we have given information to the relevant institutions. We will follow developments closely. We think that the fish that are caught illegally or that are caught in accordance with the rules from commercial areas in inland waters should be paid close attention these days and the relevant institutions should be informed when such a situation is encountered.


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