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Pollution in Sera Lake will be solved with ‘sedimentation pool’

Sera Lake, the nature park formed after the landslide in Akçaabat in 1950, was covered with mud. Pollution occurred with the accumulation of garbage thrown into the Sera Creek bed. In order to save the partially cleaned lake permanently, a sedimentation pool will be built on the stream bed by the State Hydraulic Works.

In the district of Akçaabat of Trabzon, Sera Lake, which was formed as a result of the blocking of the valley floor by the large rocks breaking off the slopes of the Degik Valley on February 21, 1950 and was declared as a ‘natural park’ 11 years ago, is polluted due to floods and sediments carried by rivers.

Action has been taken to permanently eliminate the pollution on the lake surface, where garbage dumped in the Sera Stream bed is also accumulated. The “Akçaabat Star Greenhouse Stream Rehabilitation 2nd Section Replenishment” project was prepared by the General Directorate of State Hydraulic Works (DSI).

With the comprehensive work whose contract is signed and will begin in June, improvement facilities, bridges and culverts will be built in the streams flowing into Sera Lake. In order to prevent small scale sediments from mixing with the lake, a sedimentation pool will be built.


Explaining that they have carried out cleaning works in the past years to prevent the pollution in Sera Lake, DSİ Trabzon 22nd Regional Manager Emre Akçalı said, “Sera Lake is unfortunately filled with floods or natural flows. This creates dissatisfaction among the local people. For this, we work with machines from time to time, but we could not prevent this because of frequent filling. “We will prevent this pollution to a great extent with the project to be done.”


Akçalı stated that the project was brought to the agenda during the visit of Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Akif Özkaldı in 2019 and was prepared on the order of Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Bekir Pakdemirli, saying, “We completed the project works in 2020 and signed the contract by going out to tender. The site has been delivered and the contractor will start working as soon as possible. Many projects will be made in the upper basin; stream rehabilitation facilities, bridges, culverts, together with these, a total work period of one thousand days is envisaged, “he said.


Akçalı, who noted that the reverse embankments in the upper basin of Sera Lake retain the large-sized sediments, but the small-sized material that causes the pollution is carried to the lake and causes pollution.

“Due to the nature of the lake, it fills up from time to time with the sediment coming from the upper basin. We also have to clean this place. Last year, we cleaned 180 thousand cubic meters of sediment. We have to do these cleaning works every 3-4 years. We have upstream dams in the upper basin. The coarse incoming sediment keep sand and gravel, but the suspended material comes along with the stream flows and fills the natural lake. With this project, a sedimentation pool will be built and it will be ensured that the suspended material is settled and held before it reaches the lake. In this way, the lake will serve nature lovers with its natural beauty. “


The lake was formed as a result of heavy rainfall on February 21, 1950, as a result of the large rocks breaking off the slopes of the Degik Valley, blocking the valley floor. The lake, which was formed due to the landslide, has become one of the most important tourism centers for Trabzon. The lake, which is popular due to its story of formation, the species it hosts, its proximity to the city center and its attraction to the water itself; It is located 10 kilometers from Trabzon and 3 kilometers from the Akçaabat coast. Thousands of local and foreign tourists are also hosted every year in the lake and its region, which is easy to access.


In order to expand the road parallel to Sera Lake formed in Sera Deresi Valley, curtain concrete wall construction was started in the region. The Minister of Interior Süleyman Soylu, who was staying in the hotel with a lake view in the region, noticed the concrete wall, which was mostly completed. Minister Soylu gave the order to demolish the wall, which he stated to be an ugly image. The wall, to which many environmentalists reacted with the analogy of the ‘Great Wall’, was demolished. Efforts were also made to implement the project in accordance with the natural texture of the lake. An alternative to the traditional wall retaining system, reinforced concrete curtain and stone walls, ‘GeoArme Geosynthetic reinforced wall’ was built in the areas that pose danger around the lake. In the project, work was also carried out with 30-40 centimeters of netted soil, and the surrounding of the lake was covered with green cover.


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