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Port of Corpus Christi signs MoU for hydrogen production

Port of Corpus Christi signs MoU for hydrogen production

Green energy has gained momentum in recent years and organizations across the globe are taking initiatives to adapt to this now popular energy form. Tapping the potential, Port of Corpus Christi has undergone collaboration with the Howard Midstream Energy Partners to convert the Howard Javelina refinery services facility into a carbon-neutral hydrogen production facility.

The production facility at Javelina controls the production of 60M cubic feet per day of hydrogen. The hydrogen gas is produced from the waste gas of local refineries through a steam methane reformer process. The produced gas is sold back to these refineries and other industries where hydrogen is used for the removal of impurities such as Sulphur in the refining process.

The MoU requires Howard to capture its carbon emission at Javelina and avoid additions to global warming. The collaboration will work to identify the carbon capture and storage opportunities and also look for possible uses of residual carbon dioxide. The captured carbon dioxide can find application in industries such as steel where CO2 is used in the production process.

Researchers from the University of Texas have called the Texas Gulf Coast a good fit for injecting and storing pressurized carbon dioxide in permanent geological storage formations. Highlighting the existence of pipeline infrastructure, the high local density of industrial CO2 emitters, and the Port Authority’s ownership of lands leading to state water in the Gulf of Mexico, the Port of Corpus Christi has said that it is positioned to become the hub for carbon capture and sequestration in the country.

Sean Strawbridge, CEO of Port of Corpus Christi has said that building a scalable carbon capture and storage solution is the first step for the port towards becoming the Energy Port of the Americas.

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