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Saros’ aquarium became the center of attention of diving tourism

The artificial reefs where the Çanakkale Wars were reenacted off the coast of İbrice Harbor and the Airbus A330 type passenger plane, which was sunk one mile offshore, attract the attention of diving enthusiasts.

Ibrice Harbor, which is called the “aquarium” of Saros Gulf, welcomes local and foreign diving enthusiasts. Candidate divers, accompanied by instructors, dive to the artificial reefs where the Dardanelles Wars are reenacted and to the area where Airbus A330 type passenger planes are located.

While the diving schools in the port continue their practical and theoretical training, the relatives of the divers can also have a holiday on the beaches in Saros Bay. The dives are carried out in accordance with the Kovid-19 measures. After diving, diving accessories such as goggles, fins, snorkels and suits are disinfected.


Keşan Mayor Mustafa Helvacıoğlu said that they call Ibrice Harbor, located on the Mecidiye coast, the “evil eye bead and aquarium” of Saros.

Stating that they have created an underwater organization off the port, Helvacıoğlu said, “After the sunken reefs and the plane, tank sinking studies will also be carried out. There are close to 100 thousand visits in the İbrice region. If there is an economy brought by diving tourism in Egypt, our Thrace Development Agency in Saros Bay. We are working together with the Governorship of Edirne and Edirne.” said.

Helvacıoğlu stated that they will create a camping area in İbrice for diving tourism. There is potential, we need to process İbrice. We started to work on it.” used the phrases.


Turkish Water Sports Federation Edirne Representative Özkan Arsu said that İbrice Harbor has become a center of attraction for underwater sports.

Stating that İbrice is the cleanest area around Istanbul in terms of diving tourism, Arsu said, “They reach here in 3 hours from Istanbul. After diving at the weekend, they also have a family holiday. The popularity of this place is increasing day by day.” said. Arsu explained that 80 to 120 thousand divers come to İbrice annually.

Emphasizing that the arrival of divers with their families also activates tourism, Arsu said, “From a tourism point of view, this number reaches 1.5 million with their families and relatives. The interest in İbrice is increasing day by day. Divers also contribute to the region economically.” used the phrases.


Diving instructor Ferhat Kurt also stated that the number of dives in İbrice Harbor has increased by one hundred percent in the last 10 years. Noting that the diving schools were located inside the port before, they moved out of the port with the new regulation, Kurt noted that although they moved away from the sea and boats, they continued their activities without any problems.

Instructor Ahmet Yumurtacı explained that they gave the diver candidates half an hour of theoretical training and then they had diving experience together under water. Egger noted that even those who do not know how to swim can dive with instructors.

The owner of the dive center, Serdar Savaşal, stated that they started diving as of July 1, and that they received intensive diving reservations. Noting that they have the advantage of not having mucilage, Savaşal noted that those who want to dive can realize their underwater dream at an affordable price.

Behlül Dallı, a diver candidate, stated that she is looking forward to seeing underwater after the training.


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