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Sea saliva pollution warning for Saros Bay

Environmentalists have been fighting for months against the natural gas port and land pipeline project planned to be built in the Gulf of Saros. Drawing attention to the saliva pollution in the Marmara Sea, the Thrace Platform pointed out that if the port construction continues, serious problems may occur in the Saros Bay.

The “Saros FSRU Ship Pier” project, planned to be built by BOTAŞ in the Sazlıdere Village of Edirne’s Keşan district, continues to draw the reaction of environmentalists.

In the statement made by the Trakya Platform, the following statements were made:

* If the Saros FSRU continues to insist on the construction and operation of the port and the public continues, the irreversible loss of our Saros Bay will occur.

* With the construction of the FSRU Natural Gas Port, Saros Bay is expected to be pushed into a very critical process in ecological terms. The Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, which is responsible for protecting the environment from the example of pollution drooling by leaving the Marmara Sea without oxygen with wastes, should take a lesson. In the phrase attributed to Einstein, “It is foolish to expect different results by doing the same things.”

* The Marmara Sea center was destroyed in front of the eyes of the government and local rulers. The unscrupulousness and the indifference that pollute the Marmara Sea show that there is no solution other than relying on the self-power of the people against the destruction projects in our Thrace.

* In terms of the Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning, it is imperative for the public good to stop the Saros FSRU Natural Gas Port and Land Pipeline works that will pollute and destroy the Saros Bay. It is by science and law to stop the FSRU port work in the Gulf of Saros without further forest, coastal, agricultural and marine destruction.


In the statement, which stated that the construction of Saros FSRU should be stopped urgently in order to protect the Gulf of Saros together with its natural assets, it was stated that the Union of Municipalities of Thrace and the Union of Marmara Municipalities, which were chosen by the votes of the people living in Thrace, and the Marmara Municipalities Union, actively protected our natural assets, our seas and this We call on people to act together against the destructive activities. History will surely one day judge those who made us experience this cruelty in the Gulf of Saros and those who did not speak out to this vandalism.


In the continuation of the statement made by the Trakya Platform, the following statements were made:

* In September 2020, the United Nations clearly warned that “humanity is at a serious crossroads and that it must take urgent action to save nature.” We observe the most typical example of this mentality, which is carried out by considering only interests, regardless of nature, in the Saros FSRU project and in the Marmara Sea, which is an inland sea.

* While it was envisaged to treat wastes in the 1971 Istanbul Sewerage Project (DAMOC 1971), in the Revision of the Istanbul Sewerage Project (CAMP-TEK-SER 1975), instead of treatment, it is a salty and consequently intense undercurrent coming from the Mediterranean to the Black Sea. It is used as a “conveyor” and sends the untreated wastes to the Black Sea in this way.

* Despite everything, this project, which was opposed by scientists and institutions at the time, “What importance can microscopic plankton be when such a big project is being carried out?” In the beginning of 1989, it was put into practice that the wastes were pumped into the Marmara Sea under the name of “Deep Sea Discharge” without treatment.

* In July 1989, for the first time in the history of the Marmara Sea, red-water (red-tide) phenomenon was encountered. In October 1989, for the first time in the history of the Marmara Sea, mass fish deaths were encountered in the triangle of Sarayburnu – Tuzla – Islands, and because of the astonishment caused by the situation, sale and consumption of fish was prohibited by the Governorships in Istanbul, Ankara and some cities on the Black Sea coast.

* In July 1992, for the first time in the history of the Marmara Sea, it turned green (green-tide) and gained a lush green appearance. In September 1995, for the first time in the history of the Marmara Sea, it was invaded by scallops (as the fisherman called kay-kay), jellyfish islands were formed throughout the Marmara Sea, and fishing was interrupted for a long time.

* By the year 2000, fish production has dropped dramatically for the first time in the history of the Marmara Sea, and the general production has become to carry only 1-2 species of fish. Again, after 2000, abnormal increases were observed in surface water temperatures due to the turbidity that occurred as a result of untreated discharges, and an average temperature increase of 2.5 ° C was observed for the first time in the history of the Marmara Sea.


* In September 2007, for the first time in the history of the Marmara Sea, the formation of “sea saliva” or “lez” musilajagregat, as the fishermen call it, was seen throughout the Marmara Sea and caused irreversible damage to the remaining living life. As of today, the said musilajagregat formation prevails like a nightmare throughout the Marmara Sea.

* Similar approaches today are in İkizdere, Ergene, Istrancas, Saros Bay, Tekirdağ, Kaz Mountains, Northern Forests, streams flowing into the Black Sea, paradise lakes, pastures, Akkuyu, briefly our seas, our bays. It is tried to be implemented throughout the country, including.

* It has been revealed that the method called deep sea discharge caused a massacre. The issue that streams can be used as conveyors has proven to be a complete bullshit. The solution to the natural phenomena we live in today is the elimination of the causes that caused negativities and the punishment of those who caused these negativities in the past.


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