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Sea snail infestation diverts divers to Black Sea

Sea saliva, which has been capturing the Sea of ​​Marmara for months, has become a nightmare for diving enthusiasts. The divers, who used the Sea of ​​Marmara for their diving training, turned their route to the Black Sea due to the sea saliva invasion.

Divers, who have been doing diving training in Marmara for many years, can no longer dive in the region due to the sea saliva enveloping the surface and depths of the water.

Divers who had to change their diving spots continue their diving training by coming to Kerpe beaches in Kocaeli’s Kandıra district. Divers, who immerse themselves in the clear blue without the sea slobber problem, discover the beauties at the bottom of the sea.


Diving instructor Ufuk Özbaş, who said that they used the Marmara region extensively in their training, said, “We have been doing diving trainings and sightseeing tours both in the Marmara and the Black Sea, in all diving points of Turkey for many years, but we have been using the Marmara extensively for training dives. Until the mucilage problem, which we can call the environmental disaster we experienced in the Marmara Sea at the beginning of this year, we directed all our diving trainings to Kerpe. There is absolutely no mucilage problem. There is a very beautiful visual. The vitality of fauna and flora under the water is at the same time for all students. he’s interested,” he said.


Explaining that as an instructor, he has to take his students to safe waters, Özbaş said, “In basic training, students need to be able to practice comfortably and comfortably. The skills we first started with are the fact that the mask is filled with water and it is evacuated somehow, the ability to completely remove the mask from our face and put it back on in case of any problem. Students gain the ability to naturally in such an environment. Naturally, they do not prefer to take water into this mask or remove the mask from their faces. We come from Sakarya. I also have students from Izmit and Bursa. We had very enjoyable dives together. Our education continues on the one hand. “The view is beautiful. We also created our own personal recordings with action cameras about this. These are immortal memories for our students, of course. The fact that they are educated in a safe bay in such a sea also gives them self-confidence. They are more comfortable in the water. Skills are more comfortable by themselves.” made up oh,” he said.


Stating that they have been operating in Kerpe for about 10 years and the demand for the region has increased with the sea saliva problem, Turkish Underwater Sports Federation, Kocaeli Kandıra Kerpe Sea Stars Diving School Instructors Sedat Türkmen said, “The mucilage in Marmara has started to spread around. Hopefully, the problem of the problem as soon as possible. Due to this mucilage, there is a great demand for us from the diving schools and divers in the surrounding area this year. Thankfully, we do not have such a problem on the beaches of Kerpe. I hope we do not come here, nor do I think that it will come. That’s why there is a great demand. And we are trying to meet them. ‘ he said.



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