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Seeking a solution to the mucilage problem

The Parliamentary Mucilage Problem Investigation Commission convened. TOBB Board Member Günay recommended expanding the industry concentrated in the Marmara Region to new regions such as Central Anatolia.

The Parliamentary Research Commission, which was established to investigate the causes of the mucilage problem in the seas, especially in the Marmara Sea, and to take the necessary measures, convened under the chairmanship of AK Party Istanbul Deputy Mustafa Demir.

Cengiz Günay, Member of the Board of Directors of the Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey (TOBB), who gave information to the commission, stated that seeing the Sea of ​​Marmara in mucilage upsets everyone and stated that mucilage has been one of the important consequences of damage to nature and the environment since the past.

Stating that there is no single cause of mucilage according to the researches, Günay said, “There are many factors such as the increasing temperature with the effect of climate change, the stagnation of sea water, the intense discharge of wastes into the sea without treatment, and the increase of nitrogen-phosphorus. However, the effect of domestic and industrial wastes. It is undeniable. Therefore, a holistic approach is needed to this problem,” he said.

Günay emphasized that mucilage not only harms biodiversity, but also negatively affects sectors such as fishing, tourism and maritime transport.

Pointing out that the provinces in the Marmara Region, Turkey’s most developed region, constitute approximately 40 percent of Turkey’s economic size, Günay continued his words as follows:

“In other words, the region plays a triggering role in terms of Turkey’s economic wealth. It is clear that our industrialists in the Marmara Region are trying to compete with the whole world in the European Union market. However, the industry is stuck in the Marmara Region. I would like to underline that we need to expand to new regions and position the Marmara Region as a more advanced technology region.The connection of the new region to be created in Central Anatolia to Mersin and İskenderun ports, supported by its logistics infrastructure, will significantly increase our competitiveness.In addition, the environmental transformation of our existing industrial facilities in the region, “It is one of the important steps to be taken to solve the mucilage problem. To finance this transformation, we must allocate public resources to projects that are more environmentally friendly and support green production. In the medium term, we need to transform our treatment systems into advanced biological treatment.”


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