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Shanghai expansion plan aims to achieve 47M TEU by 2025

Shanghai expansion plan aims to achieve 47M TEU by 2025

Chinese officials have announced their plan to make Shanghai, the busiest container port in the world, even bigger. In its fourteenth five year expansion plan, the government has announced the “Shanghai port expansion plan”, which focuses on the enlargement of regional port operation and enhancement of the technology at the port.

This plan aims at achieving 8% overall growth in TEU volumes at Shanghai Port over the next five-year period. China has forecasted that by 2025, Shanghai will be achieving the landmark of handling 47 million TEUs annually.

When the world was going through a pandemic and there was covid-19 induced lockdown all around the globe, Shanghai Port managed to clock a growth of half a percent. In the first half of 2020 Shanghai had a total of 43.5 million TEUs throughput, which was huge enough to place Shanghai as the busiest container port in the world.

Shanghai Port has also achieved good growth in the transhipment and inland container segment. To further strengthen the inland port operations, the government has outlined a series of development and optimization projects.

China is committed towards introducing new technologies at Shanghai Port to improve the shipping services as well as enhance the cruise port operations. As per the new expansion plan, Shanghai Port will be increasing the level of automation so that the container handling time at terminals is reduced. Currently, the Shanghai terminal has the capacity of handling 5 million TEUs annually through its automated operations. The goal is to handle 30 million TEUs annually through the automated terminals in the next five years. To achieve this, the automated capacity of the terminal has to increase by 7 million TEUs annually.

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