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Ship capsized off California: 2 people died!

It was reported that 2 people died on the ship, which capsized off the coast of California, USA.

A ship capsized off Point Loma in San Diego, California, USA. In a statement made by the San Diego Fire Department, it was stated that a call for help was received that the ship capsized near the Cabrillo National Monument at around 10:00 local time, and many people were injured. The department stated that 8 fire trucks, 10 paramedics and 92 personnel were sent to the rescue efforts, while 24 people have been removed from the water so far.

San Diego Fire Department Spokesperson Jose Ysea said in a statement that 2 people lost their lives on the ship that capsized, and 23 people were being treated.

Authorities are considering the possibility of human trafficking from Mexico to the United States by ship.

While 8 fire trucks, 10 paramedics and 92 personnel participate in the rescue efforts, the Coast Guard also supports the search and rescue efforts.



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