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Ship Ever Given arrives in Rotterdam after 4 months

The container ship Ever Given, which ran aground in the Suez Canal and caused maritime traffic to stop for 6 days, arrived at the Port of Rotterdam in the Netherlands after 4 months.

The container ship Ever Given was allowed to leave Egypt on July 7, after being held in Lake Mur at the exit of the Suez Canal for more than 3 months, after an agreement was reached on compensation.

In the news in the Dutch press, it was stated that the ship arrived at the Port of Rotterdam, albeit with a delay of 4 months.


It was noted that the ship, which was loaded with approximately 14 thousand containers, will depart for Felixstowe Port in England after staying in the port of Rotterdam until 3 August.

It was noted that the companies that came to see the fate of their cargo on the ship were worried about the damage suffered by the goods waiting on the ship for months.

Evelijn Leemreis, owner of Backtobasix Publications, stated that there were 71,145 school diaries on board and very few of the goods were suitable for sale.

Robbert Jan Dekker, the director of Koninklijke Dekker, stated that they could not foresee how much of their 12-container garden building materials on the ship were worn out.

Dekker stated that due to the end of the summer season, the goods related to the garden sector will wait until next summer and this will increase the warehouse costs.

Joost Goedhart, owner of Goedhart Motors, who is waiting for the 20 engines on board, said the engines were sold long ago and he did not know whether customers would still want the engines.

Stating that Yamaha company has 3,000 engine parts on board, Goedhart pointed out that the company is waiting for these parts to deliver engines to its suppliers in Europe.


The giant container ship Ever Given crashed into the shore in the Suez Canal on March 24 as a result of reduced visibility due to sandstorms and bad weather conditions.

As the ship got stuck in the canal and blocked the passageway, long ship queues formed on both sides of the canal and there were disruptions in the shipment of crude oil, LNG (liquefied natural gas) and many products due to the cessation of sea traffic.

The Suez Canal Administration announced that after 6 days of work, on March 29, the efforts to float the giant cargo ship had been successfully completed and the canal was opened to maritime traffic.


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  1. As a seafarer, this case is more than a grounding, the ship crew was just held for severals months at the Suez Canal, which is really sad, that shows us, the international bodies has very limited power for the care of seafarer. All controls and inspections of the vessels just try to cover of the owner, not the seafarers.


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